Three states of existence-2

Un-conditioned Consciousness

        What we fail to recognize in all these three states of existence is the unconditioned Pure  Consciousness.  We fail to recognize it because it just illuminates these states of existence but is not involved in any of these actions or events. How is it possible?. How can something be the cause and yet not be involved in it?. This will be explained in next page with a beautiful analogy.

       The readers also might have question about the unconditioned consciousness. Is not consciousness the phenomenon of the brain?. No. Unfortunately we have been trained to  think in that manner. That is not the reality. This error is like the old error of thinking that the Sun revolves around the earth.  Just because our eyes sees the Sun moving, and Earth Stationary, it is hard to understand (believe) that in-fact the Earth is moving.

       This is the Scientific blunder that everyone is taking it our granted. Ancient Indian Spiritual masters have understood this mystery of the whole universe. Greater is the mystery to know that all events happen in the light of Unconditioned Consciousness, but it is not involved in any events. Let us repeat the statement.  Unconditioned Consciousness is the one behind the cause of all causes and events, however it is not involved in any of the events. What a stupid concept! Indeed!. But this mystery will be solved with a beautiful example given in the next page.

        All the confusion arises because of the mis-use and abuse of the terms Consciousness and Awareness. Neuro-biologists and other brain-researching Scientists interchange the use of these two words. The conditioned Consciousness should be distinctly known as "Awareness",  to avoid confusion in terminology with the pure "Unconditioned Consciousness".

What is Awareness?

     Awareness is the conditioned consciousness which comes into action when the different regions of the brain interacts with the sensory signals it receives through the nervous system that is connected to the other organs of the body.  However, without the Unconditioned Pure Consciousness, the whole body cannot exist because it is the source of the awareness (conditioned consciousness). And yet, this Unconditioned Consciousness  is not in the brain or any particular location in the universe. It is every where and there is no region where it is not present. Both  the individuals who accepts it and  denies it are in-fact the very manifestation of that un-conditioned consciousness.  The Unconditioned Consciousness is known as  "Brahman" in Sanskrit. Other names are Atman, impersonal-God, formless-God or  Soul.

      This Truth is hard to understand and that is why several examples and explanations are given. Here is a very simple and logical explanation which will elucidate clearly this mystery. Please continue to read.

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1. Journey To The Source: Decoding Matrix Trilogy- Pradheep Chhalliyil  to read about this interesting book that describes consciousness and awareness more vividly.

2. In woods of God Realization - Swami Ram Tirtha

3. Vedanta Treatise by Swami Parthasarathy.

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