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 Language is a medium of communication. A child's first teacher is the mother and so mother tongue is given importance. The sound vibration with which a mother has used in her life is imprinted in her body. So a child grown in her womb will get maximum benefit if the child also takes up the mother tongue.

Migration of people is fast increasing in these days. Even when a mother is in a foreign land, if the child grows up learning up the mother tongue and then the foreign language, it will give immesne benefit to the child's personality, because of the imprinted vibrations of the language phonetic sounds.

Uni5 method of language teaching: In Uni5 methodology we have the core principle that all Energy manifestion undergoes evolution. This Energy could be the bigbang of quantum particles or the life on earth or languages, all have a seed (all possibilities) and then its expression.  

Simiarly language phones (sounds in a human language) also has a seed (all possible sounds).

Like we human have descended from a common ancestor, all languages have also descended from a common seed

Click below to more about Uni5 method of teaching languages.

Uni5 Language Teaching Methodology

indoeuropean language family tree

Uni5 is a Universal Self Evolution pattern based education. Again in language teaching, children are also shown that languages also have the same pattern. In their pre-primary level they have seen seed sprouting and roots, leaves manifesting out. Now we connect them to languages, sound coming out from the seed of phonetics.

This unique of teaching language pattern helps children not only high communication skills but also increases their intelligence to understand from a very early age the pattern of the Universe.

As an example we show the pattern of Universe evolution in a very ancient language Tamil. Click here to read about the pattern of origin of alphabets, vowels, consonants.


Diversity of World Languages (India has 405 Languages)

 Letters to Nature - Language tree- 2011

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