If the cervix is not dilated, the mother  should be asked to yawn and to walk around. Care is to be taken that she does not exhaust herself. The attendant should caution the mother  to avoid straining to bear down when there is no strong pain or contraction.

   Then, instructions begin for the active phase of labor: As soon as the head of the fetus fixes above the bladder and the pain becomes strong and difficult to bear, the woman should be coaxed to lie down in supine position with flexed thighs. When she feels pains, she should make efforts to bear down, first mildly and then forcefully, as the urge strengthens and the mouth of the womb opens fully.

   It is often helpful for the attendant to give periodic instructions to relax rather than hold on tight during contractions. The more the mother is relaxed the easier the labor would be.


   In our experience we found when women are relaxed during they suffer from less pain. we trained one mother weeks before her labor to witness the pain while doing vaginal examination. She found that while witnessing the pain she experienced pain but did not suffer. In labor she did the same witnessing and did not suffer the pain. This witnessing if practiced before labor can help to avoid using epidural.

   All the walking , yoga, relaxation and mind body co-ordination would help the mother in the labor room. All that she did during the pregnancy helps her to avoid delivery complications. In a couple of deliveries,  we found chanting spiritual mantras, poems helped both the mother and the new born baby. it is good and relaxing for the baby to be born hearing musical vibrations , since sound is the most developed sense organ for the baby.


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