Baby Travel

Baby is taken out after the rituals are done. Modern babies are also given additional vaccine rituals before they are taken out doors. 

It is always good to let the baby know before doing any action concerned with the baby. Example, the parent can tell that the baby is going to be given a bath, given food and travel. 

Travel long distance or even outside for shopping is bothering with babies. We found that when parent(S) talk to baby before the travel, the babies seems to understand and be less cranky.

We have observed this since 2001 and recommended to many friends who were first thought it did not make any sense. But in their experience they do see a difference, when babies are told when and where and why they are travelling. 

Sure in future some research studies will prove this aspect is right.

In our experience babies do understand the conversations they hear. They do not reply or respond because of their inability to pronounce and use vocalbulary words. 

This is why we suggest mothers to talk in mother tongue right from pregnancy so that the child hears the sounds and do connect with itself. 

Here is a discussion and testimonials about this approach.

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