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why pregnancy diet and post partum diet is important for mother. see that......... Phytochemicals in Human Milk and Their Potential Antioxidative Protection

 Phytochemicals in Human Milk and Their Potential Antioxidative Protection

Phytochemicals in breast milk and their benefits for infants

Polyphenol Enriched Diet Administration During Pregnancy and Lactation Prevents Dysbiosis in Ulcerative Colitis Predisposed Littermates


Human milk has a higher antioxidant capacity than infant formulas.  

Levels of polyphenols and phenolic metabolites in breast milk and their association with plant-based food intake in Hong Kong lactating women

Modern science is indirectly proving the health benefits of ancient post delivery care. In 2012 Scientists reported in the top scientific research journal that Unhealthy' Changes in Gut Microbes Benefit Pregnant Women.

The First Microbial Colonizers of the Human Gut: Composition, Activities, and Health Implications of the Infant Gut Microbiota

They found only the half of the Truth, that certain population of bacteria that makes the body to put on weight and fat, dominates a women's gut during pregnancy.

But after delivery, the gut should be populated by bacterial population that reduces fat deposition in the body. If the women's hormones are in perfect balance the body naturally adjust to this condition. Unfortunately not all women's hormones are in proper balance. Ancient ayurvedic doctors understood this secret and made women to do the post delivery care to change the gut bacterial population using ayurvedic preparation.

Women who does this will not only make healthy babies (see below the benefits) but also do not put on weight after delivery. They do not have stretch marks in their belly and thighs. They have cosmetic beauty.

A Tamil proverb nicely summarizes " Prasavathukku mun kuzhanthakku saapidu, Prasavathukku pin purusanukku saapidu" (Eat specific food for your child before delivery and eat specific food after delivery to cosmetically tone your body and continue to attract your husband.

The post delivery ayurvedic medicines has many benefits, among that is the herbal decoctions that changes the gut bacteria. Women easily will lose several pounds if changes the gut bacteria. The rituals of post delivery care are to change the gut bacteria.  Post delivery recipes also help in this regard.

Post delivery care is as important as care during pregnancy. The second half of the health of both the mother and child depends on the post delivery care which is least taken care in the modern times causing many diseases in both in infant and mother.

Diet:Most of the recipes, especially in India, are spicy and fiber rich helping with constipation. Ghee is given because it is an excellent laxative; ginger and garlic are added to prevent gas formation and digestion. Moreover, the herbs in these recipes have natural antibiotics that reach the baby through the mother's milk. Many of these herbs prevent children from getting allergies and eczema.

   Proper diet of mother during pregnancy will help not only the mother but also avoid constipation, acid reflux, indigestion of the infant and significantly improve immunity of the child. Healthy herbs are very good.

  Unfortunately, modern mothers seldom follow these traditional practices exposing their children to many infantile health problems.

  The traditional Pookula (coconut-flower) recipe  of kerala is an excellent medicine to restore nutrients and to tone body and especially back bone. This will cure and prevent back pain associated with after delivery in some women.

Another excellent recipe.

Vidhya's after delivery care recipes- Tamil Nadu Pathiya samayal

Rasam -medicinal scientific paper

Rest: Mother and child should get good rest. it is generally advisable to take rest for at least 40 days,  staying indoors. Then, for 90 days (three months) one should do minimum physical work. Not getting enough rest at this time will lead to back aches, reproductive organ problems and many other ailments in later life.  Maximum possible rest and stress-free time for three months will give long term benefits to the mother and child. This is why generally the mother stays at her parent's home to get rest for both the mind and the body.

   After delivery care is not only about rest but is also to be coupled with proper diet. Since the mother is resting during the first 6 weeks after delivery and not getting any exercise, she is prone to constipation and gas problems. Here, our intelligent ancestors devised food recipes to overcome these problems.

Bath: Medicinal bath and massage for both mother and child is very important for building up good immunity.

Microbiome of mother: Very important to know vaginal birth is healthy for babies.

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