Diarrhea (loose frequent bowel movements) cure testimony

I am sita from palakkad, kerala. I am 70+ years old. For the past 2 weeks, I have been suffering from severe loose motion and stomach pain. I am very careful about my diet and I follow vegetarianism. Still, I got this. But don't want to go to the hospital. I tried many home remedies like arrowroot powder, sabudana, etc for 1 week. It's reducing that day, but still, the very next day loose motion again coming back. I was fed up. I feel very tired and exhausted. I went to an ayurvedic doctor after a week and started taking medicines. But no change in this condition. 

By God's grace, I contacted Uni5 and came to know about activated charcoal,  and my son has YSA charcoal with him. I took it half teaspoon twice a day in half glass of warm water. A miracle happened the very next day... it's drastically reduced. The second day also I continued the same dose. Almost 90% OK. By today morning I am perfectly alright.

I took this medicine by chanting the dhanwanthri mantra.Also did water therapy(i was doing it for many years). Did a lot of prayers, chanting. I am expressing my sincere gratitude to the Uni5 Sakthi foundation 🙏🙏🙏

Sita, Palakkad, 

August 2021

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