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  Modern Life and Disease

          Modern man is challenged with more diseases than ancient man. Infectious diseases and inflammatory diseases are significantly on the rise in our "hi-tech" world. Our stressful lives in this modern age are directly responsible for a significant rise in inflammatory diseases like cancer, arthritis, allergies, asthma, Parkinson's, diabetes, and other autoimmune diseases. Stress also weakens the immune system and makes the body vulnerable to infectious diseases.

       During the industrial revolution, when people started to flock to the cities, they ignored sanitary measures and so they suffered from infectious diseases. Now our lifestyle has improved in external sanitary conditions but the internal sanitary conditions of the mind has worsened. Measures taken on external sanitary conditions have decreased infectious diseases to a certain extent, but ignoring internal sanitary conditions have resulted in accelerating the rise of stress related diseases.

        Today we are faced with more health related issues that simply didn't exist  years ago.  Through quarantine mode we have kept diseases like small pox under control. With the discovery of antibiotics we are able to control infectious diseases to an amazing degree; but because of the misuse of these drugs we are encountering new threats.

       Modern medical science struggles to combat degenerative autoimmune diseases. It offers drugs to slow down the process; these, in turn, have nasty side effects which can sometimes cause more problems than they solve. We are settling for a lower quality of life from a younger age even with a longer life span.

        Pre-mature aging diseases are on the rise despite a longer life span. This is  because we do not know how to reduce stress or how to deal with it.  We can live a higher quality of life and extend our lifespan by many years by understanding stress and taking necessary action to reduce stress.         

       We will now, very briefly, highlight certain aspects in day to day life to understand how much chemical stress we put our body under everyday. We not only bring to your attention the different stress factors but also suggest preventive measures or alternative approaches.

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