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Critical Danger of Refined Foods

Imagine our guests visiting us without any basic amenities! We would be irritated if they depleted not only our home supplies of tooth brush, paste, soap, oil, towels but started using our underwear, garments, etc. This is how tasty refined food guests get into our body. Not only are refined foods devoid of nutrients but when they enter the body, they use our body's resources and exhaust our stores. Over a period of time, the nutrients which our body had reserved for normal body functions will be used for metabolizing the refined foods. This leads to serious metabolic disorders, other diseases and also lethargy and tiredness.

So, hereafter, question anything that you eat - is it refined or unrefined?

Combination of Mental Stress and Diet Stress

           When we are mentally stressed we increase the oxygen metabolism in our body. This is like increasing oxygen contact, similar to iron causing rusting. In other words, mental stress promotes oxidative reactions in our body. To cope with this oxidative damage due to mental stress, the body needs more anti-oxidants. Now, look at our life style. We eat a diet stripped of anti-oxidants and steal our body's reserve for protecting these chemicals. To top that, we have mental stress which demands more anti-oxidants. You can imagine the havoc caused by the combined effect of mental stress and diet stress in our body.



It is a pity that most of us do not think in detail about all these facts, instead we blindly go for "healthy" life style and "healthy" dieting tips. Without understanding this basic truth we will not be able to maintain good health.


       No wonder Ayurveda, the great medicinal system boldly declares that "an individual may eat good food, but if she or he has mental stress, the "junk" thoughts will steal their health". Now we can understand  in modern scientific means, how mental stress causes diseases.


Keep the following  quote from Sakthi in your mind.


Eat unrefined foods and think refined thoughts for maintaining a healthy body.




        All stress is caused by a restless mind. If the mind is taken care of all stress can be avoided. We will now discuss how to overcome the restless mind.

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