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Physical Stress & Health

We discussed how mental stress affects our body. Now we shall highlight a few aspects of physical stress that affect our health.           


We sleep late at night and we get up everyday with  stress. Sleeping late at night and getting up late gives stress to the body.  Working during sunlight and sleeping when dark is the best health aspect.

Toxins and Pollutants

         There are 80,000 new chemicals in existence today than there were in 1950. These place our bodies under additional stress. Only 3% of these have been tested in humans and hardly any studies have been done on the effects of the combinations of these substances. Our bodies were simply not designed to handle the stress caused by these. Testing shows that everyone has some of every chemical in use today in their bodies. Everyone suffers from this stress. The most toxic part of your environment is the carpet in your home. The interior areas of our homes are generally 5- 10 times more toxic than the exteriors.

            In Indian tradition shoes worn outside are not brought inside so that pollutants and infectious organisms are not brought inside the homes. Also washing the feet, hands and face is a very hygienic practice which is now ignored. 

            Right from brushing the teeth, using soap for the shower, cosmetics, the colorful dress materials to the food colorings , additives, flavoring food chemicals, we expose ourselves to innumerable toxic materials. Once we get out to the office, we inhale all the pollutants on the road and work with stress.


            We take it for granted that all these materials are tested for toxicity and data show that they are safe for human use. But you should not forget the fact that those studies are based on visible toxic effects. Many effects may not be visible immediately. Some may show up in the next generation. Another drawback of these studies is that all these are isolated studies. For toxicity testing when one particular compound is given to an experimental animal one has to understand the truth that the body of the experimental animal is challenged only with that one toxic material. The body physiology is so powerful that it can manage that toxic material even when administered in high amounts and manifests only very small toxic symptoms. 

          However this is not the case with human consumption. When we humans consume those tested "safe" materials, our body is not only challenged with that particular compound but also with many more such so-called "tested safe compounds". Just as little drops make a mighty ocean or like the last straw on the camel's back, the body gets stressed  by the input of toxic chemicals. Therefore whatever is considered safe is safe for that experimental animal beyond belief, but it is not true for human beings. This scientific approach of determining safety for  human use is wrong and dangerous.

          Other physical stress comes in the form of radiation from  TV, computers, cell phones. The worst is the lack of exercise.  With all of the above we stress our body and when we introduce an abundance  of mental and physical stress we end up in diseases.

Detoxification- Best

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