Ear Care
Preventing ear Infections and vertigo problems

Oiling Ears is  Good health care

Oiling one’s ears with few drops ( five to ten drops) of good quality sesame oil or coconut oil will cool the eyes and prevent damaging effects to one’s ears, eyes,, nasal and mouth cavities. 

It is good to use good quality organic oils free from chemicals like the cold-pressed Spectrum Oil brand in USA.  Heat the oil to hot and then allow it cool and store in a bottle and use. Oil heated like this one time and then used seems to be recommended by Ayurveda , may be because of changes in the protein and oil nature.

     You can experience how our ears are connected to eyes, when you drop the oil in the ears. Within few seconds you can feel that the ear nerves when touched with oil gives a soothing effect to the eyes. The eyes, ears and nasal and oral cavities are linked and the nerves connecting these are influenced in a good way by oiling. This prevents early loss of hearing, loss of vision, lose of small and taste. Swishing sesame oil in mouth everyday or once a week helps in keeping the taste buds healthy and also removes toxins.

     Ayurveda says regularly oiling before bath , every day good, or atleast once a week. Head oil bath also helps in this regard. This is scientifically also correct. Because it is proved that ageing occurs due to damages in the genetic material in the cells. The Mitochondria organelles in the cells become less efficient in transforming energy needed for the cells due to oxidative damage. This reduce efficiency of Mitochondria in producing energy is ageing.

   Vitamin E and anti-oxidants are the damage preventing chemicals. Oils are rich in these anti-oxidants. Hence oiling the ears, and nerves connecting the eyes, nasal and oral prevents oxidative damage to the cells. Out of ignorance people consider that these ancient practices as harmful.

     But more recent research studies are shedding light about the health benefits of these ancient practices.     Let me quote a scientific study showing that bacteria adsorb to cells less when the cells are coated with oil. This article shows that applying oil on pre-term babies in hospital reduced infections.

Our experience shows that these healthy practices example with oiling two day old baby for three to six months everyday and massaging the baby with oil before bath has prevented ear infections and all teething problems regularly children get. The child also is resistant form     any infections that are common in children.

Ear Infections:
For ear infections boiling oil with ginger is excellent to remove pus formation and also for ear ache. It also removes ringing in ears. To read the information please click here.  

Vertigo and dizziness
in old age also goes with oiling the ears. The reason is that the ear wax is involved in the balance control of the body. In old-age the production of ear-wax decreases and results in poor balance control. Oiling helps to prevent this problem to a considerable extent

Other ways people soften Ear Wax: (we have not tried).

Washing ears by running warm shower water into them for a few seconds each morning.  We were told after a week or so of this, the vertigo had diminished greatly. 

We feel organic (cold pressed without chemical solvents) sesame oil raw or heated with ginger powder and added in luke warm condition is the best.


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