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Food Likes & Dislikes

         One of the reasons for the popularity of supplements is that we are lazy to cook and eat a variety of foods providing the nourishment our body requires.  Food supplements help to keep the lazy happy!

        Another cause for taking supplements is our strong likes and dislikes for food. We are fond of some fruits and only some vegetables ;we dislike other fruits and vegetables. Ultimately, our list of vegetables limits itself, mostly, only to the favorite starchy potatoes and carrots. Fruits mean only bananas and apples for many of us. Different fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds have a plethora of phyto-nutrients that serve many medicinal and physiological functions in the body.

            There is no single plant on Earth without any medicinal value

                                                       -Charaka -Ayurvedic Physician 5 B.C

    Our strong likes and dislikes while eating, deprives the body of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibers and other medically important phyto-chemicals from different sources. The best way to be healthy and free from all diseases is to eat all different kinds of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts etc.

      Allergic foods should be avoided. If parents take care to eat good, natural foods and keep a healthy mind during pregnancy, many allergic diseases can be avoided in the children. 

Do not deprive your body's need  by your strong likes and dislikes. 

Why should the one inch tongue enjoy while the rest of the six foot  body suffers?

        We give much importance to our mind and very little to the intellect. We do not suggest that you should not eat tasty foods.  Foods eaten should be tasty, but should not compromise health. Only humans have the freedom to chose foods that we can eat and we alone suffer from a never ending list of diseases.

Wild animals, birds and other living beings are healthy 
         All the living beings in the wild do not have diseases like humans because they eat natural foods. Only pets or domesticated animals and humans eat processed food and suffer from various diseases. In the wild, if living beings suffer from diseases, they are caused by pollution. The key message is that we have gone too far away from nature and from being healthy.

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