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Cleaning the Body 2

Fasting: the Space Element
Every day one should have a fasting period. Usually it's good to fast at night. According to traditional medicine, one’s digestive power is strong in the morning and then weakens through the day and is minimal in the night. So having a light dinner is the best way of being healthy. A milk shake with fruits can be dinner. Or soy milk with fruits or fruit salad. If you eat a heavy lunch you will not be hungry in the evening. Then the next morning break the fast by having a heavy breakfast (hence the name breakfast).

Just like a daily fast, a weekly fast is also good to give the body some time off to be able to carry out its maintenance work . This is like cleaning one's home in the week end. A weekly Juice fast is very good.

                                                     Juice Fasting

Juice Fasting 
Choose a day like Saturday or Sunday or even a working day if you are at home. Make freshly squeezed juices. No bottled or stored juices are to be used. Fresh juices are the best. You can use any fruits and/or vegetables of your choice. Given below is a menu for general health. You can write to us for information about specific juices that can help heal your particular physical ailment. The best order in which to drink juices is to alternate between fruit and vegetable juices. That is, after a fruit juice, drink a vegetable juice followed by a fruit juice and then a vegetable juice and so on.

Hunger During Fasting
If you feel you are too hungry, end the fast with a grain juice or a gruel (boiled watery form of a grain like rice, wheat, corn, barley etc.) or with soy milk or almond milk. 

Detoxifying Symptoms
If you get body pain due to juice fasting, drink a cup of coffee (without milk) with or without sugar in the evening or next day. When toxins in the body are flushed to the blood stream, some people experience body pain; here, coffee can help. Drink coffee only for a day or two.

  • 8.00: Start the fasting by drinking apricot, apple juice.
  • 10.00 fresh cucumber juice with radish (with greens). 
  • 12.00 fresh orange, pear and watermelon juice.
  • 2.00  fresh carrot, beet and celery juice.
  • 4.00  fresh grape, papaya, strawberry or blueberry juice.
  • 6.00  fresh cucumber or carrot juice.
  • 8.00  fresh cantaloupe and pomegranate and kiwi juice.
  • 10.00 soy milk or almond milk with blueberries or cranberries.

It is  good to go to bed latest by 10:00 p.m. If desired, at 9.00 or 10.00p.m. you can have a light vegetable soup or just steamed vegetables.

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