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Microwave Cooking

       Cooking with microwaves is not good for health. The reason is that it causes a loss of nutrients. A recent scientific study shows the amount of nutrient loss compared to other types of cooking. Steam based cooking followed by pressure cooking  is the best (New Scientist-Microwave cooking zaps nutrients,25 October 2003). One might be eating using vegetables and grains, but the nutrients in them might be destroyed when you warm the food using microwaves or by cooking them in microwaves.

      There is a lot of information about the harmful effects of micro waving food. Following is one such report from another website. Hertel worked as a food scientist (Wattenwil, near Basel in Switzerland) for   several years with a major Swiss food company that does business on a global scale. A few years ago, he was fired from his job for questioning procedures in the processing of food.

      Blood samples were analyzed from volunteers who ate microwave foods.  Changes included a  decrease in hemoglobin values and cholesterol values, especially the HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) values and ratio.  Lymphocytes (white blood cells) showed a more distinct short-term  decrease following the intake of microwave food than after the intake of all the other variants. Each of these indicators point in a direction away from robust health and toward degeneration.  Hertel also found that microwave derived energies may, indeed, be passed  along to man inductively via consumption of microwave food.

    "There is extensive scientific literature concerning the hazardous  effects of direct microwave radiation on living systems," Hertel reported. "It is astonishing, therefore, to realize how little effort  has been made to replace this detrimental technique of microwaves with technology more in accordance with nature."

This research publication shows that boiling milk by  microwave significantly   reduces CLA content and also the milk powder reconstitution also reduces CLA content.  Several studies now show that Conjugated Linolenic acids (CLA)  has many health benefits, most important being an anti-cancer agent.

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wifi damage and microwave damage for future five generations.

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