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 Mixture of Foods

 Every human body is unique in its own subtler composition and so is every type of food. Every food has its own set of chemicals, and the concentration of these chemicals would be different from other food sources. One particular nutrient that is abundant in one food would be less in another type of food.

         For example, oranges are rich in Vitamin C but are poor in beta-carotene which is abundant in apricots. Therefore, eating a combination of both the fruits supplies both nutrients. Similarly, eating a variety or mixture of foods supplies all the different types of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and phyto-chemicals) needed for all the activities of the body.

        This is also the case with one particular phyto-chemical in one food, which has a set of effects in the human body. The food might have other chemicals with another set of effects, which might be undesirable. These effects could be overcome by eating a mixture of foods in which additive effects or neutralizing effects could be brought forth. This is a significant aspect of the pharmaceutical effect.

        For example, green lentils have a cooling and diuretic effect but unsprouted lentils will cause gas formation. Cooking green lentils with garlic and ginger prevents gas formation. The pharmacological actions of the phyto-chemicals in the food are usually mild but effective. This is an added advantage of using food as medicine; it is safe, effective and economical.

The Natural Pharmacy Store 
       Plants are replete with thousands of phyto-chemicals like flavonoids, terpenes, sterols, phytates, etc. Most of these complex nutrients are now known to serve as anti-oxidants. Scientists are slowly discovering many other medical uses of these chemicals. These chemicals are harmless in their natural form and our bodies have become familiar with them. The man-made drugs available today are unnatural to the body and since they are alien in appearance, they give rise to confusion in the body. The confusion is expressed in the form of unpleasant side effects. Phyto-chemicals in foods in their natural form would not have these problems. They enter the system, do their job and quietly leave the body. Consuming a variety of natural foods regularly would ensure constant supply of the natural drugs the body needs.

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