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Polluting The Body

Do you know how much we pollute our body?
      The five elements in food should be supplied in their natural form. They should not be contaminated or polluted. We talk a lot about environmental pollution. But have we ever thought of the pollution in our body? We are concerned about polluting the earth, air and water with harmful chemicals. But think about polluting our body with harmful chemicals we ingest in our body through water and food. Our body is made up of chemicals and all our life processes are due to the interplay or reactions of these chemicals. Good chemicals will react in a good way with our body chemicals; the bad ones will disturb the good reactions in our body and manifest as ailments. Despite the presence of toxic chemicals, the body tries to restore its harmony.

"Dangerous" Soft Drinks?
Carbonated soft drinks have a pH of 4 which is 10 times more potent than the HCl acid that is used for cleaning. We have seen a correlation between people who drink carbonated drinks and pancreas problems.

Do Not Torture Your Body.
        We are sadistic in a way. We torture our body and enjoy the pain. Drinking excessively cold or hot drinks is a form of torture to our body. Can you put your finger in a cold or hot drink bottle for more than 10 seconds? Can you keep your finger in a hot coffee cup for more than 15 seconds? Just think about the torture to the cells of your body which are exposed to the extreme cold and hot through your food and drink habits.

       The tongue deals with all the heat and the cold and reduces it. Still, some of the heat or cold from the drink or food passes into the food pipe and reaches the stomach to spoil the digestive juices. Thus, digestion is impaired. People drinking excessively cold and hot drinks are also prone to constipation and piles.

        When we say body, it includes the inside machinery as well. We beautify only the exterior body appearance; if  someone says I love myself, he means he loves his exterior body. One who loves his body as a whole (internal and external, equally) he is the  healthy one. The love he has will be a sense of gratitude. HE WILL NOT THEN DO ANYTHING THAT WILL HURT HIS BODY (internally or externally).

Microwave cooking

Cooking using microwaves is not good for health. The reason is that it causes loss of nutrients. A recent scientific study shows the amount of nutrient loss compared to other types of cooking. Steam based cooking is the best. Details are on the next page.

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