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Behaviour News 2020

Dec 2020

 Monkeys, Like Humans, Persist at Tasks They've Already Invested in

Young People Who Go to Bed Later Drink and Smoke More Due to Their Impulsivity


Like Adults, Children by Age 3 Prefer Seeing Fractal Patterns

Is It Better to Give Than Receive?

Nov 2020

Oct 2020

Sep 2020

Betrayal or Cooperation? Analytical Investigation of Behavior Drivers

Romantic Partners Influence Each Other's Goals

When Doing Good Boosts Health, Well-Being

Resource Sharing Affects Mortality Worldwide

Exposure to Workplace Sexual Harassment Linked to an Increased Risk of Suicidal Behavior

August 2020

Can't Be Away from Your Phone? Study Finds Link to Higher Levels of Obsession-Compulsion

Women With Higher Neuroticism Are Less Physically Active

Children Notice Race Several Years Before Adults Want to Talk About I

tBeing a Selfish Jerk Doesn't Get You Ahead: Study

Recalling Memories from a Third-Person Perspective Changes How Our Brain Processes Them

Social Connection Protects Against Depression

When You're Smiling, the Whole World Really Does Smile With You


When power is toxic: Dominance reduces influence in groups

Mundane behavioral decisions, actions can be 'misremembered' as done

'Bystander Effect' Not Exclusive to Humans

Life-hack: Rituals spell anxiety relief

Owner behavior affects effort and accuracy in dogs' communications

School absenteeism has surprising consequences for adults


June 2020

Playtime With Dad May Improve Children's Self-Control

Responses to Cyberbullying

Poor Sleep Significantly Linked With Teenage Depression

Medicinal Cannabis May Reduce Behavioral Problems in Kids With Intellectual Disabilities

negative thinking linked to dementia risk

Engaging in family meals starts with healthy family communication
Study of 62 countries finds people react similarly to everyday situations
Cognitive behavior therapy tops other psychotherapies in reducing inflammation

May 2020

Age, Gender and Culture 'Predict Loneliness'

How experiencing traumatic stress leads to aggression

Is your job killing you? Stress, lack of autonomy, ability can lead to depression, death

Cooperation can be contagious particularly when people see the benefit for others
Women are told more white lies in evaluations than men

Using Self-Nudging to Make Better Choices

Emotional Well-Being While Home Gardening Similar to Other Popular Activities, Study Finds

'Loss of Pleasure' Found in Teen Sleep Study

April 2020

Money can't buy love -- or friendship

Disagreements Help Team Perception

Stress Thwarts Our Ability to Plan Ahead by Disrupting How We Use Memory

Mindfulness Helps Wellbeing at All Ages

Mar 2020

Stay Positive: Live in the Moment, but Plan ...

Fatigues: Music and Mindfulness Can Help

Role culture plays in feeling sick

Feb 2020

Let there be 'circadian' light

More information doesn't necessarily help people make better decisions

Sitting still linked to increased risk of depression in adolescents

Our Memory Prefers Essence Over Form

Optimism Linked to Lower Stroke Severity, Inflammation

Internet use reduces study skills in university students

Breathing May Change Your Mind About Free Will

Social media users 'copy' friends' eating habits

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