The Ego

       The Sun which was shining upon the seed or causal body, the same Sun shines equally upon the subtle body of the river; and the same Sun which shines upon the seed body and subtle body of the river, shines equally upon the gross body of the river.

       The true Atman or real Self, which was seen shining upon the deep sleep state’s body shines also upon your dreamland and upon your wakeful state—upon the gross body, as it were, but where lies the difference? The difference lies in the reflection of the Sun. When the Sun was shining upon the seed body of the river, upon the glaciers, the image of the Sun was not seen there. The action of the Sun was intense upon the glaciers, but the reflection or image of the Sun was not seen; but when the Sun began to shine upon the subtle body of the river, the Sun is reflected. But hazy. But in the river in the third level ,the reflection of the Sun is very clear.

         This means in the gross physical body the reflection of the Consciousness is very clear in the form of awareness. This is obvious very much in the case of Awareness (Conditioned Consciousness) being co clear in the physical body. We can very much feel awareness in the physical body. We try using the brain and the nervous to have of all sorts of experiences. All experiences are really an attempt to being Awareness. But all experience culminates as bliss in awareness as the glittering glaciers in the Mountain tops.

      When the Sun was shining upon the subtle body of the river, there the Sun’s image was seen. No image of the Sun was seen upon the snow-capped peaks or upon the glaciers; but in the subtle body of the river, in the mountains, in the rivulets, is the image of the Sun seen. What does this image imply? This image in origin is the real Self, the true Atman, the Unchangeable, the Immutable in you, the true Divinity, Atman or God. (We use the word God for layman language for the term unconditioned Consciousness).

       The same God is present in you when you are in the deep sleep state, that God shines upon your seed body, but examine, in the deep sleep state (awareness), no egoism is present, you have no idea of ‘I am asleep’, ‘I grow’, ‘I digest the food’, ‘I do this’; that is, there is no ego; the real Self is there, but no ego is there. This false apparent ego which is looked upon as the self by people is not there.


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