Who creates Ego?

      It is no different from asking, Who creates the shadow?,  the light or the object?. The light is certainly not responsible for the creation of the shadow. However, the shadow cannot be formed without the light and so does not have any independent existence of its own. The object in respective of its position to the light source is the cause of the creation of shadow.

      If the object is far away from the light source, the shadow's length is longer. The closer the object moves towards the light source, shorter the shadow's length and once when the object and the shadow are in close proximity the objects merges with the light.  Look at the illustration given below. The shadow of the pyramid like structure is longer when it is far away from the light source. The length of the shadow decreases as it approaches the light source.     

           Ego similarly does not have any independent existence. It is just the shadow in the presence of Pure Consciousness. Pure consciousness is not responsible for the creation of Ego and at the same time, without Consciousness Ego does not exist.

           Without God or pure Consciousness, there is nothing, but God has nothing to do with whatever is happening in this world. It is all the shadow  play of the Ego. This concept of God is confused vastly in all religions, however spiritual traditions are very clear about it. Not understanding this concept is ignorance and leads to all confusions, pain and suffering. All the problems that we suffer are our own creation. We create thoughts with our own free will and suffer from it. This is why from the beginning we have been insisting on creating positive thoughts to create a blissful life.

         God as a person is the creation of Ego for it to feel cozy and protected. We will see how many disguises the Ego takes to protect itself. In the name of God ego achieves to fulfill all its needs and wants. In the name of God, Ego does not give up making discriminations and distinctions and take control over other fellow beings and living beings. In the name of God, Ego ruthlessly can harm and torture all beings in the world. In the name of God it can kill spiritual traditions and inhibit the evolution. Through the mis-understanding of the word God, Ego fuels all discussions, debates and war through which it nourishes its own beliefs and concepts. Ego will eradicate any free thinking that will go in the direction of the intellect and finally awareness.

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