Why there is Suffering?      

     Why do we have suffering in the world?. Especially in human life there are so many disasters apart from natural calamities. There are accidents, life threatening diseases, loss of wealth, loss of relationship, death of loved ones and many more. In some time of our life or the other we undergo lots of hardships and some times we under go terrible sufferings mentally and physically.

     If we use the emotional mind and seek answers we will never find one. But using the intellect our spiritual masters tell that suffering pushes  us to move forward  in our evolutionary process to complete  our journey. All the sufferings gives a push to remove our tamas (laziness) to move forward. It is like a student getting punishments  to study well. Similarly Some receive very hard blow and some small,  depending upon their tamasic nature.  Punishments are not for sadistic reasons but to drive the student to seek knowledge and so are we getting sufferings and pain so that we seek the light of intellect and awareness, which leads us to realize our true Self.

   The below figure explains the reason for all suffering and pain in a nutshell. When we go away from the light of intellect and awareness we end up in suffering and pain and when we go more closer towards this inner light we experience bliss. If we suffer from body and mental diseases then we have gone too much in seeking sensual pleasures. We have tortured our body and mind to the extent that the natural laws have been violated and so ends up in a chaos which is called as disease. Then the mental and physical pain is to set us in the right direction. We will undergo this process until we learn it proper.

   This applies to even a financial problem in life. When we live a life towards sensual seeking pleasures only and go beyond our means ,we end up in crisis. The Ego instead of enjoying the wealth ends up in "show off's" because of pride and ends up in deep trouble.

               "If you are confronted with a health problem, ask yourself:
                               "Have I abused my body?"
               If you are confronted with a financial problem, ask yourself:
                              "Have I lived within my means?"
              If you are faced with a psychological problem, ask yourself:
                            "Have I been as loving as God would want me to be?"

What you do in the present creates the future, so use the present to create a wonderful future. - Peace pilgrim (please Click here  to
know about peace pilgrim)

   In summary all negatives thoughts pull towards the direction of Ego and pain and so we undergo suffering and pain in life. So bring out positive thoughts in life and create a blissful life. Your thoughts are responsible for the suffering and bliss in life.

Does this mean we should not enjoy life and give up all desires in life?



1. Journey To The Source: Decoding Matrix Trilogy- Pradheep Chhalliyil  to read about this interesting book that describes the evolution as a Journey to the Source more vividly.

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