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      Fire Therapy FAQ

Should I do yoga everyday?
Yes, as an integral part of Pancha Bhoota (PB) healing, do this yoga everyday to bring about mind body coordination for boosting the healing forces of the body.


How important is yoga  when I do PB therapy?
The acupressure and self massage are especially very important in healing the body. This, when done in addition to water therapy, proper diet relaxation and Pranayam give better results.


What if one is pregnant?
Except the bending exercises and the lying on the stomach exercises all other exercises can be done. It helps one to avoid health complications during pregnancy and also eases the body for easy delivery. After two or three months of delivery one can restart this yoga. Doing the yoga throughout the term of pregnancy helps in healthy growth of the child too.


What about children?
After the age of three, children can start with a mild form of the exercises, which will help them to focus their mind. There should be no strain, however, while doing these exercises or yoga postures, either physically or mentally.

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