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     The secret of Yoga

A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes. 
Mohandas Gandhi-  Mahatma Gandhi

Yoga is a connecting link between the mind and the body. In the Army, every day, the soldiers go on a parade and salute their commander standing on a raised platform. Have you ever wondered why should the soldiers do this exercise everyday? Why should they salute their commander everyday? This purposeful parade brings a connection between the soldiers and the commander everyday. If such a connection were not there, then in an emergency if the commander orders the soldiers "SHOOT", the soldiers would not respond with full force. They would think who is this guy is ordering them to shoot. Taking this psychology into account the soldiers everyday march in front of the commander and act involuntarily when commanded by their chief.

                The Commander and soldiers co-ordinate during a war.  The same is the case with our body and mind when they co-ordinate for healing.  Here all the cells of the body are soldiers and the mind is the commander. Unfortunately in this army there is no connection between the mind (commander) and body (soldiers). In an emergency situation (disease), when the mind orders the body to "HEAL", the body does not obey or takes time to heal. The reason is the body cells ask "Who is this guy commanding us, we never knew him and all of a sudden why does he come and commands us? This is the reason that healing does not work when we direct our mind. Our body cells should know about this commander, then the body exercises the healing order from the mind. Yoga is the only way (the complete exercise) to register awareness between mind and the body.

Yoga bridges the body and the mind:

        A good mother gives daily attention to the kids. She touches them, nurses them, delivers love and listens to their needs and problems. If she fails, then she knows about the kids only when it goes wrong. Our body is like a family. The mind is the mother and the body parts of the kids. If the mother is unaware of all her kids,  then she would suffer when the kids get ill with infection or if one of the kid goes wild with cancer. Everyday doing yoga registers your contact with all the body parts. Only when you do yoga you are aware that you have a hand, you have a limb, and you have a heart. You not know that you have these organs until your family doctor diagnosis some disease organ in your body. We otherwise take it for granted. So doing yoga or exercise registers thoughts of the body parts with the mind.  

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