Uni5 Elementary Level

Elementary - age group from 5, 6, 7,8.

Empahsis patterns of change - the Mind

 At this age, children sees both babies and adults and naturally self connects to the concept of growth. Therefore in these four years, focus will be on introducing concepts of growth and distinguish it from evolution. Evolution in all levels will be exposed, examples, evolution of machines, transport system like cars, evolutuion of electronics like phones, and slowly to evolution of cosmos and life on Earth.

Evolution is emphasized because that gives the foundation for making the understand both external and inner evolution. This is faciliated both by concept maps and real-life situations. Example, three laws of newton are easily made understood in this age group by connecting to their own life experience.

Newton's first law - Everything will remain the same same until a force acts on it. Children are told you like to keep sleeping until you are awaken by an external force (Alarm clock, parents waking up), or an internal force. We ask them which is preferred , the internal force to change or external force. Most of them say internal force. This becomes the platform for them to understand that responsibility is a self generated internal force.

Every laws of science, mathermatics, arts and language are exposed to children in thsi way and so they self connect and understand them at a very deeper level. This naturally helps them to devlop their personality with any one forcing them.

 Universal Five Pattern concept map: In the Uni5 Sakthi school, we help children to create concept maps keeping the Universal five pattern as the frame of reference. For example, to study the periodic table of elements, we use red colored marbles to represent the elemental formations. They arranged one red colored marble as Hydrogen electron, two red colored marbles for two electrons in Helium, three red colored marbles for three electrons in Lithium, four for four electrons in Beryllium and five for five electrons in Boron. The students made a concept map connecting to the Universal pattern that, electrons in varying numbers formed the physical (Earth) body of the elements. The varying numbers contribute to varying chemical nature (Water) of the elements. The self organizing nature of the electrons based on their most stable nature formed the intelligence (Fire) nature of the elements. The tremendous localized Energy (gluing force) within each element giving an unique Self identity is the Air element aspect of the elements. Fundamentally the students also recognize the universality of everything which they connect to the Space element.

Next they are motivated to question, where, how and who formed these various elements? The students connected the whole principle by inquiring to the pattern within themselves. They said that all the different thoughts they have are self organized by their intelligence. They came up with the answer that the internal Self organizing intelligence has the qualities of external Fire element and so all the elements should have been formed in a place with high heat like stars. We could see the joy of the children in this self discovery. Through this methodology, they not only connected the knowledge to themselves but also interlinked to the various other branches of life.

Connecting Concepts: Students connected the concept of formation of matter in fire, to the heat involvement in biochemical reactions, and also linked to heat involved in cooking food, as light in photosynthesis and as intelligence in us for organizing various thoughts to have a coherent thinking process. They do all the concepts like playing with a jigsaw puzzle, where all the pieces have a similar pattern in their shape. Keeping the shape pattern (structurality) as the frame of reference, they were able to self discover the phenomenon (functionality) of nature. Students showed interest in self learning science, arts and math using the Universal Five pattern system like connecting the zig-saw puzzles and correctly recognizing the patterns of the zig-saw pieces.

Instead of an endless list of memorized facts soon to be forgotten and beyond even understanding of concepts, with the Uni5 education children truly grasp the connection of their inside nature with the universe and own what was learned. Thus, with the Uni5 pattern we educate children in Self-identification, which is understanding the structures of their own Body - Mind - Intelligence – Awareness and Consciousness within themselves. This Uni5 pattern they then use in recognizing all branches of Sciences, Arts, Mathematics and Social studies.There are several evidences of the cosmic pattern in us. Example is the power of ten, the Cosmic within.

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