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Mudhras - Finger gestures 10 years 3 months ago #1740

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In finger mudhras, why is Uni5 representation of finger differ from common knowledge.

Little finger - represents Water (In Uni5 it is - Earth)
Ring finger - Earth (In Uni5 -Water)
Middle finger - Space ( In uni5 - Fire)
Index finger - Air (In uni5 it is also air)
Thumb - Fire (In Uni 5 - Space)

On what basis Uni5 representation differs from other mudhra representation?
Just curious to know

The Uni5 Mudhras are based on how Energy has evolved based on Vedic Science system , which also correlate with modern system.

Thumb is totally separated from other fingers and without which other fingers are dysfunctional. Without space none of the elements can exist. So thumb represents like space. Self awareness is praana (air) and with which we point us and others, so the index finger. Chin mudra also uses Thumb as space.

Fire is the central point where any matter can change its state (example solid to liquid or to gas). So middle finger.

Emotions are like water and wedding is the joining of two minds and so we use that for displaying the wedding ring.

Body is earth and gesturing somebody using pink finger means we consider them just as an animal.

Hope this helps.

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