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Rituals are for Transformation.
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Life Problems 6 years 10 months ago #1742

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Dear Sakthi,
I felt like crying when I read your response. You're a honest and helpful person, even to complete strangers in distress like me!

we all have to help each other including all beings, because we are all cells in one cosmic body. If one cell of our body is in pain, the whole body feels it. This is why we Uni5 Sakthi Community help everyone in tune with Cosmic laws of nature. We will help you till your distress and agitations are gone. It may take time, but we will patiently help step by step.

I now know the truth behind yagnas! They are useless and a big waste of money. The sad thing is that I ordered a few from different websites already! I can only hope for positive changes.
Yagyas and rituals are not useless. They do give us the Energy of life. example, it is like a liver tonic to a liver-damaged patient. It will slowly repair the liver and regain its functions. It wont happen in one single day. However the liver-tonic power will not be felt, if the patient continues with his habit of damaging his liver, while taking the liver tonic. He has to change his attitude and stop taking the agents like alcohol that causes liver damage. If both liver-tonic and alcohol-cessation happens at same time, then the power of liver tonic is felt very soon.

When I say yagnas are useless based on what you explained about being positive, let's take my own situation. I want to do Yagnas to be cured from fears and panic disorder, so my mind is already very agitated and therefore, only think negatively!
So, there is no use in consulting astrology with Guruji if all he's going to tell me is my planets are weak. I already know that

Like a liver doctor, he will say what is the extent of the liver damage and will prescribe health-medicine-surgery rituals. Every liver-patient knows that he has liver problem and the doctor will also confirm that his liver cells are weak. Just the doctor's medicine for liver damage alone cannot help. The patient also has to give up the cause for the disease. The doctors prescribed medicines will repair the damage of the liver and that along with the patient's commitment of giving up alcohol is equally important. This is the same pattern while consulting with Guruji for life problems.

I'm fed up of struggling with myself. I feel like nobody truly understands my pain. On top of that, I have big financial debt
The reality is that one's pain and debt will not go, just by somebody understanding our pain. First we have to understand the Truth that we are solely responsible for our problems and we alone can save our-self. But we need correct guidance to overcome our problem creating mind attitudes.

I will not do anything at this point and take life day by day, whatever happens

It is natural that a liver patient get depressed and lose hope in life. Just doing nothing to the liver, cannot help, but infact can go worse. So my friend, you have to take the right action.

I always thought about why we have a God or Goddess for each aspect of life, are told to worship him or her to remove problems or get something, if all that is a waste of time and money.
We have completely Mis-understood God, like mis-understanding government (listen to our talks on the analogy of God and Government . Government is not a person and cannot be seen, yet its influence is everywhere. Government creates its laws, executes and transforms those who violates law. Government is of the people, for the people and by the people. Same is God, the Cosmic Government. God is not a person, same way Government is not a person. We give the impression to a baby the Government to be a person, but growing up, its knows the reality.

We have abused the word worship. Government does not people wants to worship it, but wants the citizens to abide by the rules and feel within everyone the Government. If we live by the laws of the Cosmic Government, there is no problem. We get problems in life when we violate the laws of the Cosmic Government.

I have yet to come across someone who has done many Yagnas for wealth and became a multi-millionaire!

All the multi-millionaires and happy people have all done Yagnas. Yagna means Sacrifice. Anybody's successful present has a sacrificial past. Look at the five Yagyas we all have to do according to the cosmic government. People do these sacrifices (Yagnyas) at various levels.

You have given a lame excuse for success and failure. If you succeed, it's the blessings of the God. If you fail, it's your bad past life karma! I find that very misleading to society who got fooled by religion and feeding priests! Sorry for my bluntness.

My friend, you have the right to critically question our views and ask the logic behind it. We say the success of life is our own Sacrifice and not God's blessings. If we fail, again it is due to our less sacrifices in life and not God's punishment.

We are not fooling anybody and converting anybody nor feeding any priests. We only give right-awareness for people to lead a problem-free life.

That's all from me. If you have any FREE advice, let me know. I'm so frustrated and fed up Sakthi

We do not give any free advice (un-practiced knowledge). All that knowledge we are sharing with the world in our site, is our practiced experiential knowledge without any bias. Anything that is untrue will not stand the test of time.

Who cares when we are frustrated and fed up?. Only when we to gather inner-strength and get up and face the reality of life. My brother, we give that helping hand as mental strength and ask nothing in return, except, do that human touch (Self-Awareness) to everybody who meet in life, because we are all cells in one Cosmic body.

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