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Rituals are for Transformation.
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blessing from the god 7 years 11 months ago #1910

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When we are doing puja if the flower falls from the photo as we will keep for the decoration, we will think that we got the blessings from the god.is it true?

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Blessing from the god and Saguna 7 years 11 months ago #1911

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This is called Saguna which is more than what the modern science says as Quantum-entanglement . Quantum entanglement is proved as a physical phenomenon, whereas in Saguna it is understood as the Awareness (BMIAC) and matter connection.

A ritual is done to connect to the Consciousness, called as God by religious groups. The physical body and physical objects (flowers etc) are used.

The mind seeks a physical proof that the connection (our Awareness to Consciousness) has been made and mind expects it as an interpretation of blessing from God. If it is understood as an signal from a GOD (A person or a lady sitting somewhere in heaven) it is considered as a superstition.

However if it is understood that the Universe is a connected network system with one Single energy vibrating, then it is a signal of Awareness getting connected to Consciousness.

The logical mind seeks a physical proof in a particular order (usually time is an expression of synchronousness). So when we think of a thought and synchronousnessly if a flower falls or a lizard gives out a vocal sound it can be taken as an expression of that connection.

More in the book Universal Selftual Pattern 2015.
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