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Rituals are for Transformation.
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Offerings in Temples 9 years 1 month ago #1988

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I was totally against offering bribe to God in Temples in the name of rituals. After listening to your talks and reading your site, I understand that it is an exchange of Energy to make our life better.

I was asked to give a nose ring to the Goddess in a temple to help in my spiritual progress. How does that help

Even in Spiritual progress we need to earn Energy of Awareness to convert it as Energy of Knowledge. In summary even for our internal change, we need to have the Awareness Energy.

Based on the type of change required, the object of Energy also matters. example, if we are unable to get rid of one type of Vaasana which is a negative (Energy spending/wasting) characteristic tendency of mind, then a Rose ring is offered to a temple Goddess, usually Durga.

Nose is the organ of both intake of air and making as alive (awareness) and also be aware of smell or Vaasana of the characteristic nature of a thing.

A nose ring is a symbolic expression of being aware of one's own Vaasana in the light of awareness. Upon wedding a woman pierce her nose to bring in awareness and transcend vaasanas in the journey towards Moksha.

Offering Nose-rings to temple goddess is an energy exchange to give up one Vaasana which we are struggling with.

Giving just the nose-ring cannot be taken as granted that the Vaasana will go off. Use that exchanged Energy to put efforts in being aware of it like the awareness of breath and surely one can overcome that particular Vaasana hindering your spiritual evolution.

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