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Rituals are for Transformation.
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Is Black Magic/evil spell/curse Real? 9 years 3 months ago #1993

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Black Magic/evil spell/curse are real from the Energy point of view.

Like positive words and positive actions with a positive attitude have an effect, black Magic/evil spell/curse with a negative attitude also has an effect.

From Uni5 view, a positive effect, boosts energy (transforms into useful form of energy) and negative drains energy (Energy conversion to useless energy). This Vedic Energy science is based on the Truth that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed , but only transformed from one form to another.

Placebo and nocebo effects of mind thoughts have been scientifically been proven to have effects more than the medicines and surgery ( see this link on such talks ).

Like computer programs are created by human thought, so are computer-viruses created by negative attitude of humans.

Black magic is done intentionally, just through human thought and also through rituals (making it more powerful).

However the effect of the Black Magic/evil spell/curse depends the the sender's and receiver's energy. If the receiving end is weak in shielding energy, then the receiver gets affected by it.

This is similar to the malware or virus program we get in our computer's. The anti-virus programs shield the virus and malware's. Same way the Kavacha's (sound Energy programs) protect from the energy-destroying Black Magic/evil spell/curse energy.

Kavacha's are programs to convert sound energy (our life SAL Energy) to shielding energy. Very famous are kandar shashti kavacham, Hanuman Kavacham, Shanieeswara Kavacham, Mritunjeya kavacham, towards specific negative energy spells.

How is that people who do black magic that in holy places like temples. This is because of we are ignorant of the two aspects of divine God. In Vedic God is represented both as male and female . Male is the unconditional Consciousness and female is conditional Energy phenomenon.

The energy aspect can be used like a knife for cutting a fruit to a friend or using same knife to stab him also. Same way the powerful Mantras can be used in both ways, but the user will also experience the karmic effect of the way he uses it.

Being angry and not accepting a person and feeling negative to an individual produces Black Magic effects:

We dont need to do a physical ritualistic action to bring the effect of Black Magic. Our thoughts are strong Energy-fields that it will send out negative vibrations to another person.

So accepting a person as being forgiving nature is the best way to divert a negative energy to some one. This is the worst black magic effect one could produce and waste one's own Energy and suffer from energy deficiency in life.

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