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Rituals are for Transformation.
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Should we not do rituals with a Materialistic gain? 8 years 7 months ago #2024

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When a Spiritual Guru like Krishna in Gita says" Dont keep on eye on the end results of an action, but do only out of devotion, does it mean that we should not do rituals for material prosperity in life (Increasing SAL Energy)?

This is an excellent question that can be made clear through Uni5 Model of Male,the Purusha and female, the Energy or Sakthi.

There are two sides of any action, the Purusha or Maleness aspect simply called Aagama (Devotion). The other is Sakthi or femaleness called Tanthrika.

Agama is done or pure devotion without any eye on end result. One accepts whatever is intended to happen without any question. It is submission to fate. Whether life problems or solved or not, one does the rituals unconditionally. This way is Aagama or unconditional Love (towards GOD).

Thanthrika is samkalpa or intension with a desire of fruit or benefit in the end of the ritual. Thanthrika mode is done because we want the life in the way we desire. We want to change the course of the life. We can to change the destiny of the fate. To change something we need Energy (from Nature- Sakthi).

Agama methods leads to Bhakthi (Devotion) or self realization. Thantrika leads to increased prosperity through high SAL Energy.

Which is correct?
In Uni5 model, there is no right or wrong it is only on the views of pros and cons.

A father of a child like Pradheep at his late 40's is reading physics and chemistry books without any intention for getting a degree. It is pure love for knowledge of the subject. This is Aagama Bhakthi. Is this wrong?. No, knowledge is good.

His son like Pranav is also reading same physics chemistry books (in this 9th grade) but with a desire on getting a degree and get a job to earn money. Is this wrong?

Pradheep knows that Pranav's Thanthrika mode is needed for survival of life, but suggests not to study just for exam sake, but also focus on knowledge and have love on the subject.

Similarly spiritual master also considers doing rituals in a Thanthrika mode when there is less prosperity in life (Low SAL Energy), however there is an emphasis on doing it in Aagam form. This is because the energy developed is lost in spending on life prosperity and again the cycle is repeated to generate more SAL Energy. This means if one lives in Tanthric mode, one is caught up in endless cycles of birth and death with high and low SAL Energy stages of life (Happiness and sorrows).

Aagama Bhakthi leads one to get out of this endless cycle of birth and death. That is in Aagama Bhakthi, SAL Energy is generated not for spending it for life prosperity but for Self realizing the divinity, leading to Moksha.

Prayers and Meditation like spiritual practice are all Aagama form of rituals and will not generate SAL Energy immediately for Life prosperity. It will enhance spiritual progress (Maturity) of the individual.

However for immediate needs of life deficiencies in SAL Energy, Tanthric rituals are unavoidable.

Tantric pooja rituals (Japa, chanting, pilgrimage, pitru pooja, fasting etc) all will increase SAL Energy immediately for fueling life prosperity.

This confusion or lack of clarity in spirituality has lead many to lose faith in spiritual practices.

Religions and Bharath's Santhana Dharma:
All religions focus on Aagama the male (Purusha) aspect. So God is addressed as "He", the Purusha only. So there is only devotiona part and one has to surrender to the will of fate (God).

Only in Santhana Dharma (non-religious), God is both in "He and She" form (The Purusha and Sakthi or Energy). The Bharath Rishi's developed the Tantric (Technology) to generate SAL Energy from Prakruthi Sakthi (Nature), like can we generate electricity from a water fall.

Just prayer without rituals are only the Aagama form and ridiculed in scientific studies as Placebo effect. Yes, prayers without rituals generating Sakthi (SAL Energy) are only a positive thinking giving placebo effects. It is only the effect of Mind's belief.

However Sakthi or Energy generating rituals are not a Placebo phenomenon. Like electricity generating is not a placebo phenomenon. Energy is not a matter of fictional belief system. Energy or Sakthi is real, the foundation of this Universe.

Universal Selftual Energy pattern 2015

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