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Rituals are for Transformation.
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Kundalini Energy 10 years 3 months ago #382

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This section is to discuss about Kundalini Energy. How to awaken Kundalini energy?. Is it dangerous if not done correctly?.
It is a step by step process. Kundalini energy is moving your awareness from body more to awareness state. Those steps are called chakras.
How can we feel the energy moving from muladhara chakra towards higher chakras. What would be the first step to awaken the coiled energy in the root chakra.
When you are in level one, you wont know the difference. Only when you proceed to the next level or in the next level you can know the difference to the first and second level. We are always in the mind body level and rarely in intelligence level and so we don’t see the awareness level. Persistent attempts to do things in intelligence level will increase awareness level. This rising up of Awareness level is energy moving from kundalini. Only then we are aware of the body, mind and intelligence and one stage being aware of awareness.

Why is it coiled?. A road in a mountain if steep cannot be climbed. But if it coils around the mountain we wont feel it. The same with kundalini energy. Going around is the practice which is coiling nature and easily get to higher level.

So is awareness level/kundalini energy nothing to do with some light flowing through the three nadi's? Ida is called Chandra Nadi (moon - Mind) and Pingala as Surya Nadi (sun- Intelligence) and Sushmna Nadi is Awareness. These three meet at muladhara and then separate and again meet at the other chakras.

Light is Energy (Awareness).

It is the same Awareness that occur as body, mind and intelligence. When they combine at one level we call it as Muladhara, at this level, the combination increases the property of body. In the next Chakra, it will increase the next property.

The Nadi’s meeting at each chakra means we are increasing the Awareness of a particular property.

Just by raising kundalini (Awareness) with mantras alone will not make completeness. The energy will again get dissipated. To hold it, one has to “be aware of the activities we perform through out the day or while interacting with any other atom/ organism/individual?

What does property at each chakra mean? Are they psychological effects?
Properties are different levels. It is like permutations and combinations. First level is the body level. We see all the five as mind. Next when we go to the mind chakra, then we see everything at the mind emotional level. So forth.

Self inquiring some of these questions will increase Awareness.

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Re: Kundalini Energy 10 years 3 months ago #383

So if we assume Swadishtana chakra as Mind,we see everything at emotional level.Then Manipura chakra and we see everything at the Intelligence level, When we reach Anahata chakra and vishuddha chakra, then do we see everything at Awareness level? When we reach Ajna chakra will we see everything as "One".How about Sahasrara chakra?

How will we know we are reaching from the body level to the Mind level? Will the physical health constraints obstruct you to reach from body level to Mind level? How can we feel/ experience the energy?

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