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TOPIC: Temple - A simple but mysterious place

Temple - A simple but mysterious place 8 years 4 weeks ago #457

Temple - This is a very mysterious place for lot a being. When every religion teaches that GOD exists every where, individuals go to temple or puja room in home to worship GOD!

What do they actually worship there?
What is this place temple / puja room?

There are so many explanations about how temple's physical structure is built, but can a temple exisit without a garba graham (inner sanctum sanctorum) and deity?

Can any of these building without this inner sanctum or deity be called a temple?

If we go with the explanation that the temple is built as per the human body structure (From toe to head). Which part of the body denotes the inner sanctum and deity?

I'm leaving this discussion with a questions, so that we can discuss in detail.

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Re: Temple - A simple but mysterious place 8 years 3 weeks ago #459

In this modern world, Human being is not able to realize this fact that GOD is everywhere. He also doesn't like to be so pure physically and mentally, kindhearted and compassionate all the time like we stay before God.

So he has just confined himself to pray God only at particular time and in particular place i.e. Pooja room or Temple. Once the pooja is done we just close the pooja room or close the temple doors.Only for those few moments he is able to spend time WITH and FOR God.

There are few temples like Ambaji mata temple where there are only Yantras but no deity's images there.They are still called temple.God is even within us and our body is also called as the temple.

I feel, the inner sanctum may be denoted as the place between the two eye brows of the human body i.e. at Ajna chakra.

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Re: Temple - A simple but mysterious place 8 years 3 weeks ago #460


Below is my perception.

When people go to temple, they don't just come back after visiting the entrance. They go all the way to the inner sanctum to pray in front of the deity (yantra or form or without form). Visiting the inner sanctum becomes the utmost importance to the temple visitor.

I see this inner sanctum as the source of thoughts / desires (Machine city, as said in movie Matrix). This is similar to the organs storing eggs which are ready to manifest.

Garbha (Womb) Graha (Holding)

So the temple is a place to remind everyone that the whole manifestation is because of the thoughts and everyone are entering their own body and reaching the source of thoughts to purify their own thoughts.

So we go to the source of the thoughts and pray to the individual's own thoughts depending upon which level an individual is at (Body OR Mind OR Intelligence OR Awareness OR Consciousness).

Another interesting factor (Fear about the deity)

An individual who commits something to the deity (his / her's own thoughts) also fears that if he doesn't fulfill the commitment the deity will punish him/her.

Actually what is happening here is that the individual give birth to a child when he/she commit to the deity (his/her's thought), then if he doesn't nurtures the child or take care of it properly, then the individual's thought itself punishes the individual when he/she forgot why he/she gave birth the child (commitment). This commitment is registered at the awareness level during inception and when an individual forgets about the commitment the awareness reminds the individual (Punishment).

Isn't it amazing and funny to see the below facts

1. We go to our own body.
2. We pray to our own thoughts
3. We fear to our own thoughts.
4. Our own thoughts punishes us.

So is it fair to generate fear in ourselves and others about the god (Our own thought)

Solution for this fear factor is to be aware of thoughts.

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Re: Temple - A simple but mysterious place 8 years 3 weeks ago #462


That is why we should always be in the awareness that "Naham kartha Hari kartha, Hari kartha hi kevalam"

We should be aware that we are not the doer or even thinker, God is guiding our thoughts and doing actions through us.

So going to God is not source of thoughts but release of thoughts with the One supreme Consciousness.We become completely thought less when we completely surrender to him by believing him.Then we won't have to worry about the consequences of our actions whether they are Good or Bad.

Fear won't have any existence in this situation, because we know what is happening is Good for me and Hari will take care of the situation.We can completely be at peace by just being the Witness.

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