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Rituals are for Transformation.
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Rama Navami Navarathri celebration. 10 years 1 month ago #495

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Ram's birthday is celebrated to give rebirth his great quality within our selves. Let us see what is the great quality that Ram exhibited as a great human being (Purushothama).

The whole is greater than the parts is not a philosophy but law of nature especially applicable in first law of thermodynamics (Whole energy in a closed system is greater than its parts).

Ram lived and showed this principle at many instances in his life.

1. Ram was asked to give up the throne to Bharathan. If Ram did not give up the kingdom, then two groups would have formed in his family, the Ram's group and Bharathan's group. Thios two groups will later lead to two groups in the country ending up in a civil war. The innocent citizens of the country would suffer for the family dispute like the Mahabharata war, where a family feud lead to civil war. World wars are also caused when the groups are backed up by other countries.

Ram sacrificed his legitimate throne for the good of his country and so brought in ahimsa or non-violence. This is why Mahatma Gandhiji chanted Ram's name. Ram followed the greatest nature's law of whole is greater than the parts. Ram is a perfect king because he sacrificed throne for the benefit of the citizens. Our politicians do not deserved to be called even as a leader because they kill the country (whole) for their personal gain (part). Since Ram gave up throne for the benefit of the country, it was easy to give up his family life again for the benefit of the country (sending Sita for exile for no fault of hers, like he went to exile for no fault of his). This same principle he followed in Vali Sugreeva conflict and in killing Ravana.

This quality makes him an ideal king and a greatest human being. He is a symbol of Dharma (law) because he followed nature's law of whol is greater than the parts. Dharma is Sathya the Truth, which will be same in all places and all times and does not change. Ram's message still holds good at all levels.

We find hard to digest Ram's philosophy because we cant even sacrifice (giving up) eating a food item that is good for the tongue (part of body) and allowing the whole body to suffer (total). If we cannot do this simple exercise for our body, how can we sacrifice us (part) for the benefit of family (whole), let alone sacrificing our family for the benefit of the country.

This quality of Ram we have to contemplate and bring into our life for our own happiness.

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