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Discussion on cause of health and disease
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High blood pressure - Hypertension 10 years 3 months ago #1822

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My husband has high blood pressure. Can he cure hypertension?

Yes with Pancha Bhoota method he surely can get rid of hypertension. Please understand that any disease is caused by many factors, but one single precipitating cause may finally cause the disease to manifest. So we suggest the five steps to take care of all the several underlying causes. This is how we are helping several 1000's of people all over the globe to effectively overcome problems in life. see our testimonials .

All details are given in this link.

But as a wife, you could bring some good relief, if you can assist him in a relaxation exercise.

Everyday before going to bed, for 10 minutes, ask him to stop thinking about his work and other problems. He can lie on the bed with eyes closed and focus on his breath. He can visualize any relaxing image in his mind and simultaneously take slowly deep breath and then slowly releasing it for 10 minutes. While this goes on, you can touch from his feet to head with an act of relaxing his tightness in the muscles. You can give instructions in a gentle voice to relax his feet, then his legs, calf muscles, then thighs, then hands , chest, neck and then head.

If you check the bp before and after doing this for 10 minutes, you can see significantly reduction in bp. If he does this for many months , he can completely get rid of BP.

More advantage comes, when he follows all that is given in this link..

There is a guided relaxation tape we have.....if you put that on and then touch according to the instruction the body parts, then it relaxes very good. If you also can first bring positive thoughts in your mind and then look at your palms as a feeling of positive vibrations and then your touch would relax his muslces even at a greater extent. All these are our experiences which is giving good results with several patients all over the globe.....

We also have a musical CD for this guided relaxation. www.uni5.co/index.php/en/cd-s/relaxation-guided-cd.html

The above method could be done by anyone to their family members or friends.

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