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Discussion on cause of health and disease
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Mixing different protein foods is harmful 6 years 4 weeks ago #2082

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Can we use cow’s milk instead of coconut milk in cooking (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) because, it is easy to use and also for health reason as coconut milk is believed to be high in cholesterol?

We need an understanding on the protein digestion before we get into the answer for this. Protein should be completely digested as partially digested protein is very harmful to the body; it is called “AAMA” in Sanskrit meaning “TOXIN”. Our immune cells in the blood stream is responsible for fighting against any foreign organisms (Bacterial or viral protein). The “Partially digested protein” is new to our cells, and our immune cells considers the partially digested protein as protein from foreign organism and attacks it. They elicit a shock reaction called anaphylaxis , which is expressed by body as allergic reactions, such as sneezing, breathing difficulties, skin rashes, headaches, nausea, or even, in severe cases, death.
WBC causes rusting reaction on bacteria and virus and that is how it kills it, which is called “Inflammation reaction” or “Oxidation reaction”. These reactions also causes inflammatory damage to our body resulting in diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart problems and several other diseases.
There are many causes for the protein to be partially digested: Eating or drinking cold things along with protein foods will slow enzymatic reactions. Toxic food additives also can interfere in the protein digestion. When we don’t chew food well and eat hurriedly protein foods are especially not digested well. To much deep fried protein foods also result in partially digested proteins harming the body.

Apart from these causes, Partial digestion of protein is because of combination of protein. There are five sources of protein,
1. Micro-organism protein
2. Plant protein
3. Marine protein (water living beings)
4. Animal protein (Land living beings)
5. Bird protein (Aerial beings)
When we eat a combination of these proteins then it becomes partially digested as the body doesn’t digest them properly. We need to consume only one type a protein at a time. Even in plant protein we cannot mix several type of protein together like the protein energy drink (sathu maavu in Tamil), this will cause indigestion in the form of partially digested protein which causes inflammatory reaction that leads to severe diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc. Several protein mixes with milk-whey and soy beans and tonics for children are also wrong combination of protein foods.

Similarly, one type of protein cannot be mixed with another type; for e.g.: Fish and egg shouldn’t be eaten together; animal-Meat and egg shouldn’t be eaten together; cow’s milk and fish shouldn’t be mixed. Chicken, beef and fish eaten at the same time is so unhealthy. So when protein is mixed randomly then it creates AAMA or Toxin. All the media are projecting these unhealthy recipes as they are looking only at “DHRISHYAM” i.e. one sided view of taste and not “DHARSHANA” i.e. a holistic view. They have only body view or sensory pleasure i.e. tasty and convenient recipes. They don’t take care of mind aspect or intelligent aspect in cooking that results in diseases. Cow’s milk is mixed with sour fruit juices like pineapple, orange juice, this is totally unacceptable as sour fruits will coagulate milk and it is very difficult to digest that coagulated protein. This coagulated protein will result in partially digested protein. So we should never mix one type of protein with another.

To answer the original question, Cow’s milk cannot be added in cooking as it would be creating inflammatory reaction in the body. Though we take organic cow’s milk and organic vegetables or organic meat products but the combination will create toxicity. Coconut milk is a plant protein and that will go with vegetable and non-vegetarian curries and can be used in cooking. The information that coconut milk contains Cholesterol is Superstitious. Only cow’s milk has cholesterol. But when we take excess of coconut milk and don’t exercise regularly, liver converts the excess fat into cholesterol in our body.

When we look only at the body level it is not healthy. Uni5 health aspect is based on all the five levels (Body, Mind, Intellect, Awareness and Consciousness).

Source: Universal Selftual Energy Pattern.

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