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Be Happy
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Five stages of Happiness 12 years 4 months ago #5

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Five stages of Happiness
Eternal Happiness the purpose of life.
This is excerpts from the talk given at Ottumwa Indian hills college , Iowa, on th Indian spiritual view of life.
What is the purpose of Life?. Purpose of life is to be happy. Is there any one who do not want happiness in life. Everyone is living for happiness and every moment one is trying to be happy. But our perspective of happiness is different based on our own personality. In other words , the happiness we are seeking, will depend on the type of personality, with which we living our lives. We have all material wealth, culture and religions to care, Science to help understand nature of things, but still our life is not complete. Why?.
Let me share my experience of life, and also suggest you to connect to my story, reflecting the symbolism behind it.
I have a very close friend, who introduced me, once to a person. This person took me to shopping malls, got all that I desired, took me to restaurants, to picnic places and also to beauty parlor to maintain my youth and good looks. How would you feel with in such a relationship, good right?
I felt this was what I was looking for and was love with the person and started thinking of an eternal marriage with this individual. Soon after I started living with this person, I started to realize the beasty brutal nature . I was merely a slave in this relationship without any freedom. I felt my existence was only for the five sensorial pleasure that the person is enjoying through me. I was severely abused physically and in a short time developed stress. What will you do? Will you continue in this type of relationship?. Will you?
I asked myself “Though I get all the materialistic and sensual happiness from this relationship, should I spend rest of my life marrying and living with this kind of person?
I felt I had no choice in life, but live with this person. Luckily, at that time, my friend introduced me to a second person. This person was so sweet , giving me a cozy feeling. I was like in a dream world. I identified with the thoughts that even marriage was not needed.
Who would you choose as your life partner, the first or the or the second personality? Of course like you I wanted the relationship with the second person. So I decided to live with this person, soon to discover that this person was so possessive and also did not allow me to think or act anything of my own. The second person mood swings between the individuals strong likes and dislikes. Moreover, this second person constantly threatened me with fear , that our relationship will break, If I don’t believe all that the person preaches, to be true. I felt very suffocated, trapped, confused and developed mental trauma. How will you feel, happy?.
I pondered like you, whether I should live rest of my life with this person, just for this cozy emotional happiness?
Again my good friend came on time and introduced me to a third person. I was given freedom in thinking and also was taught intellectual stuff which I can easily develop as a profession. I felt so happy with this person’s logical reasoning ability and fell in love and decided to get married.
Let me ask, will you marry, the second person or this third type of personality?. Who would you choose as a life partner to share your life?. Like you, I chose the third guy. At the same time, I decided to avoid previous mistakes by trying out this relationship first.
I was cunningly made to trust that I was creative and intelligently expressing my talents in my professional career. Infact, I was a guinea pig, in researching and confirming, the intellectual theories of that person. Though I enjoy the intellectual happiness, there was lack of freedom in connecting myself with everything around me. Without this unconnected-ness, I felt the vacuum when I was forced to perceive everything as discrete separate entities. I still missed pieces in my zigsaw life puzzle. How would you feel, in my situation. Depressed right?. Yes, In my unhappy moments, I wondered if there was some one who can give freedom happiness, which the three personalities failed to give.
My friend appeared like a wish fulfilling genie and introduced me to this fourth person. For the first time, I felt that I have experienced freedom at every level. I was in bliss because I have self experienced freedom from physical, emotional and intellectual restrictions, first time in life. The person encouraged me to be aware of my own inner strength. I felt Love for the first time, so intense that I decided to marry without any thoughts.
However even before the marriage took place, the person started mirroring my own Self, forcing me to give up my identity. I was made to aware of the reality that all the three individuals, were not bad in character, but they were expressing their fundamental nature. I had only choices in living in these relationships, but I have no way to avoid their uncomfortable nature. It is inbuilt in them. I am now aware that, I did not accept any one as they are. Instead, I expected them to behave to my views. I expected the body physical personality to give me emotional soothing mind personality. I was mixing up personalities and these wrong expectations created a mental pain in me. I am now aware of Law of karma, which means the choice of action and their unavoidable results. I also had to learn the bitter truth, that it was my own nature that my life attracted to such personalities.
I am aware that this fourth person is trying to give me long lasting happiness by making me undergo change in how I identify myself. I had a nervous breakdown when I am asked to give up all that I thought was mine and mine-ness. It was the most depressing moments ever I had.
But in these moments of identity loss, real blessing came through my friend who successfully guided me in every step to walk through this relationship.
I asked my friend, if I will be introduced any more personalities, who will give me only bliss, the unconditioned happiness. Without answering anything, my friend smiled and walked away, as if I had to exercise my final choice. I ran in search of my beloved friend. In that journey, out of deep gratitude for my friend, I helped all those who were suffering like me, because I know the pain of suffering . Without a date, I met the fifth person, who was just the embodiment of Love, that I shared with everyone in my Journey. This person has only positive qualities and also gives me the inner freedom. Atlast I found my real love, my real nature. Finally I got married into this Eternal, unconditional love , the one with unlimited forms and time.
These five personalities described about is like a hologram, seen every where. It is seen as five human personalities,of Body, Mind, Intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness. In nature we can see these five cosmic personalities as Pancha Bhootas (Earth, water, fire, air and space). Everything from food, to music, dance, books, actions, thoughts all have these five patterns explained in this web site. Through this pattern, one can understand the deeper mysteries of life about problem solving approach in all walks of life. Most importantly, one can use this pattern to make decisions in life, because it is a universal pattern. This is the easiest guide to tap your own inner wisdom.
Again, Why is it important to know these five Universal personalities. Because, we will understand, the cause and effect of making choices in our life. Our life will be happy, if we know well in advance, what effects our choices will be delivering to us. All that we are now experiencing in life, is due to our previous choices and what our current choices will dictate our future life. This cyclic life is similar to riding on a bumby road of sorrows and happiness. A life of Awareness, is a smooth road for driving life blissfully.
Sakthi Foundation mission is to help you to be aware of making choices for leading a happy and peaceful life.
About Guru, the teacher:
In Indian tradition, the beloved friendly teacher is Guru. Guru leads us from darkness to light of Awareness. There are five Guru’s like the five personalities.
The first one are our parents who introduce us to the Body, which means giving birth to our body. The genetic make up of our current body is the blue print of the previous thought patterns and current thoughts.
Our cultural teacher (parents in some cases, religious teachers for some, primary teachers for others) , introduces to our mind, the second personality. Our likes and dislikes on everything is also the reflection of our previous thought patterns.
Third teacher teaches us profession, it could be academic or professional teacher or guru. We tend to take up a certain profession, again due to our previous patterns.
Fourth is the spiritual Guru or teacher, who introduces to spirituality, which means life of Awareness to change and make like better.
The fifth, is our own Self, the teacher who introduces to an Eternal life of love or freedom.

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Five stages of Happiness 11 years 6 months ago #1088

Very interesting article!

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