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Easy Uni5 way pattern to remember macromolecules in Biological chemistry 8 years 2 months ago #2050

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Major atoms in macro molecules of our body:
Body/Earth Finger - proteins- C, H, O, N (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen)
Mind/Water Finger - Carbohydrates - C, H, O

Fire finger- Fats - C, H
Air Finger - Nucleotides - C, H, O, N, P (phosporus)

Inter (like International) is between molecules and Intra is within.

Inter atomic or Intra molecular forces lead to formation of compounds. They are Ionic, Covalent and metalic bondings.

Inter molecular forces leads to the changes in states of matter. They are hydrogen bonding, positive and negative force of attraction (Electromagnetic force), Vanderwaals forces, london disperson forces, dipole dipole fluctuations.

Polar nature is influenced by the electronegative or inequal sharing in colvelent molecules.

Dipole formation occurs by inequal distribution of electrons. There will be permanent and temporary dipoles created. When electronegatives atoms involve in covalent bondings, then permanent dipoles are created.

Including noble gases there can be temporary dipoles formation, when the electrons in the cloud moves and creates a more negative and a positive area. This is the reason for london dispersion forces.

In Ionic compounds like NaCl, both the inter-molecular and Intra-atomic forces are the electromagnetic attractive forces between positive and negative ions. So ionic compounds are hard but brittle.

In covalent compounds like water, the intra atomic is covalent bond and inter molecular is hydrogen bonding. Therefore the molecules are not bonded strongly (but covalent is strong), causing to exist in liquid state.

Why salt dissolves in water? They follow the same energy pattern of opposite charges attract each other. This means the negative oxygen of water attracts positive sodium of salt and negative chloride attracts positive hydrogen of water, salt mingles (dissolves) with water. Like human beings forms friends with a new groups they are merged or mingled or dissolved with that group. If they dont form friends they stand apart, like oil standing apart from water.

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