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Education Awareness


parenting the child and education 10 years 9 months ago #1736

Very practical point of view sir.Actually, i dont understand why correcting her bowel habit actually improve her foundation(body)!!

Maybe my daughter is not interested in attending the Montesorri school.i have spoken to the teacher but it is more of playschool rather than academically oriented school.

My gut feelings tell me that may be she is not ready for school yet. She enjoys playing with water and doing gymnastic act in playground.She likes to do more outdoor activity rather than indoor activity.I think i should discontinue her Montesorri school temporarily and send her to swimming school instead.

Any suggestion?

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parenting the child and education 10 years 8 months ago #1737

Constipation problem will affect the Body, Mind, Intelligence and Awareness of not only kids but any individual. When the waste products from the body are not eliminated there will be laziness in the body, symptoms like head ache, stomach ache and discomfort are experienced.
Individual’s Mind will be dull and irritated throughout the day. Individual will be unable to make any right decisions with this cloudy mind. Overall he will be inactive and less aware of his actions.

If you feel that is the right decision considering all the five factors of parents, school, teachers, individual and society’s attitude, then you may try discontinuing Montessori school for a month and check if your daughter is happy in other activities. Meanwhile start training her to be independent in her activities at home that way she will be prepared and be ready when it is right time for her to start Montessori education.

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