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Does right and wrong, good and bad matter?
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Carnivorus animals are good or bad? 10 years 9 months ago #14

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The following is a question from a 5th grade child named Poorna.

Dear Sakthi,
"why should there be carnivorous animals in forests? because of carnivorous animals, many animals die. why did god create harmful animals?

if there are no carnivorous animals, many animals will die when god wants them to die.wouldn't it be nice if god made all animals which will eat herbs and vegetables".

Many atheists also ask this question, is God a sadists who enjoys watching a helpless deer being chased by a tiger. The atheist question is very logical. A religious person finds difficult to answer this, because a religious person brings up contradicting statements, that God is Love and God created wild animals who chase, kill and eat wild animals.

From the religious point of view, this question arises because we have created a belief that a person called God exists, who creates everything, like our mother cooks food using different vegetables and grains.

From a spiritual point of view, we can get a logical answer that God is not a person like we imagine, but God is formless Consciousness and also manifest as forms. The manifesting form we call as Energy. Consciousness has no conditions and has total freedom to do any actions. This total freedom to make choices is what we call as Love. But Energy has rules and laws to follow.

In summary, all Energy forms has both freedom to do any action but the results are bound by laws. If we are happy with the results, we call the actions as good and if results make us unhappy, we call it as bad.

Question back to the child: The deer also kills grass plants and feels happy to eat. But deer feels unhappy when the deer is eaten up by a lion. Why are feeling only for the deer and not for the plants, because plants also are living beings?

Studying history (Evolution) is very important.

First evolved beings were microbial plants. The microbial plants used up carbon-dioxide air in atmosphere, minerals and water from soil and collected Sun's Solar Energy in the form of Food. More than they took from the environment, they contributed back to the Society or Environment producing more Oxygen gas in the earth's atmosphere. Because of generous their contribution , more and more living beings in the form of big plants evolved.

However, some plants felt lazy to collect sun's Energy and convert to food. They instead wanted to grab's other's stored Energy. That Sankalpa or intention made them to evolve to animals, who kill and eat the stored Energy of plants.

These herbivorous animals did not contribute to the Environment, but they shared the resources with each other.

But there were some animals who want to grab too much for themselves. They ate too much than they needed. Then there was shortage of plants. At this time, some Animals had the intention or Sankalpa to even take the Energy of their fellow beings. These animals evolved to became the wild carnivores.

From Animals we Humans evolved and now we have choices either to live like Plant like human beings who will contribute more than the Energy we take from our Environment or Society. They will spend their life in Seva or service of others.

We also have the choice to live like Herbivore-Human beings. Then we may not contribute, but will atleast share our resources.

Now most of the Human beings live like carnivores who will kill and take the Energy of others and will never contribute or share to the society.

Dear Poorna,
Now you understand that God is Love which means giving us full freedom to choose our own choices. But for every act we will get back the same effect, which will be uncomfortable for us. This is called Karma.

In Uni5 Sakthi School, children learn Evolution not just as a General Science, but connect and Self reflect it and make it as Spiritual Science.

So ask yourself, how are you sharing and contributing to this Society?. This will make you understand, Did God create wild animals or we made our own Choices?

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Re: Carnivorus animals are good or bad? 10 years 9 months ago #15

Nice explanation.

Children are always made to justify visible actions from the beginning of their life, instead of explaining the non-visible actions/factors. It is either parents/teachers are not able to explain them properly or they don't know. In this case children are not taught from the beginning that plants are living things or not emphasized that they are living things. The plants are given least priority in child's everyday life because they couldn't interact with them like humans, dogs, cats etc. From my personal experience with my 4 year old daughter I have seen great changes in her after implementing to teach her that consciousness is in everything.

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