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Does right and wrong, good and bad matter?
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Mercy killing right or wrong 7 years 9 months ago #2019

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1. I watched the serial shree guruvayoorappan. In that serial a lady loses her husband and feels very depressed about it. A saint comes to their house. On seeing the lady the saint tells her that she is drained of her physical and mental energy. The lady tells the saint that she feels like leaving the world to join her husband. To this the saint replies that, she cannot let go of her body until and unless her karma is exhausted.

Yes, doing suicide because of emotional attachment decreases our SAL Energy. If we quit our body without learning the lessons of life, it continues in our next birth. It is like a child quitting a school because the annual exams. This is why the saint advices not to quit the body, but live life completely.

Suicide (quitting life) decreases SAL Energy so that that soul does not find enough energy to get another body, No parent would want a less SAL Energy soul to be born. This is why the suicide souls wander as Ghost. This is like a student who quits in middle of 9th grade. Then getting enrollment again is difficult. Then no school wants to give admission to the this student. The student then wanders like a ghost without getting admission to any school.

2. I have watched the movie Naan kadavul . At the end of the movie, arya who has acted the role of an avadhuta swami kills the heroine pooja. When I asked my mother, if what arya did to her was unfair or not. Is the hero's act of killing the heroine not a sin

Killing some one decreases our SAL Energy. Any action that decreases SAl Energy is a sin. Any action that increases is a virtue or Punya.

In the movie the hero kills out of compassion (he has no attachment nor hatred to the heroine pooja) TO TEMPORARILY give a break to Pooja's suffering. Since Pooja underwent suffering and learning in life, in her next birth, the Universe will give her bonus SAL Energy to lead again a life with less suffering.

3.you had told that the hero killed her out of compassion and to put an end to her suffering. But uncle, how can the heroine's karma come to an end just because the hero kills her? How can killing be called compassionate action?

The heroine's karma will not come to an end with death, it continues after the break. if a child has failed in all subjects in 9th grade, wise parents and teachers will say to voluntarily quit from school, take time to study at home with extra coaching and then rejoin the school. This is done as a compassionate action by the school and parents.

Same way, in some instance, mercy killing becomes a compassionate act, if the person wishes. The doctor is not charged with murder crime in this action.

Recently, my mother read out an article from the newspaper. It was about a case filed by an organization for the mercy killing of a lady who was in a vegetative state in a Mumbai hospital for the past 42 years. But the court rejected the plea and allowed the lady patient to continue in that state till she died about a week back. So mercy killing is even not allowed by indian legal law too.

Indian rule is based on Vedic view that it is best to complete the karmic effect through suffering. Suffering is a teacher that gives Awareness. So it is not good to quit before we learn the lessons of life and so the law refuses it.
Is mercy killing right or wrong? In general it is not right to do it. But in extreme case if the patient feels it can be done. It is like again the school rules, not to quit school, but work hard to learn the lessons. But in extreme case, if a break is needed, it is allowed.

There is only one reality and that is life. Death is only a brief break in the continuation of life's journey. In that process we recuperate, refresh re-plan and re-budget our SAL Energy to continue further our journey.

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