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Does right and wrong, good and bad matter?
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Why should I bother to be moral? 10 years 6 months ago #367

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Pranams to my dear Anbu Kathir for giving me an opportunity to write here by invoking such a powerful question. You have chiseled out the Golden question ""Why should I bother to be moral?". As you rightly said, this alone will connect all of us to the Absolute.

I am trying to answer this through Uni5 which is based on Sankhya philosophy given by Kapila Maharishi. When his mother Devahuti requested him to give the Absolute Knowledge in the most simplistic form, he gave this Sankhya Thathva. He said though this "reality" is only One, for sake of easy understanding let me classify it into five. He said, our perception of the reality is at five levels. (Body is only one, but we classify into body parts).

In one level, we perceive the Energy as a solid, least or slowly changing aspect called the Body. In the second level we perceive the same Energy as a quickly changing aspect called the "Mind". The third level is to perceive the energy functionality to be organizing and driving changes in a particular order or pattern. This is intelligence. (Intelligence is the bottle neck of one directional flow).

Hope there is no problem in understanding these three levels. Now the fourth level is to "Self" perceive (Witnessing) the Energy as the body or as the mind or as intelligence. This Self-perceiving (witnessing) is called Self-Awareness, which tries to see everything as individual "I's". When the "I" instead of Self-Witnessing, "I" as one, then it is Consciousness (No more Energy).

Kapilacharya says, at all four levels, the Energy has the quality of Self-bound laws of action and reaction or cause and effect (Karma). All the I's has the freedom to perceive at one or more of the four levels (usually acquire through evolution). At all the four Energy levels, always Karma law of action and reaction is indispensable.

Having said this, What is Morality?.

Can we say Morality is a certain order or pattern?. Then guess, in which domain will it come under?.
Certainly not under constantly changing mind. Morality will come under the domain of Intelligence. (here does not "only" mean the IQ-intelligence, but the Universal intelligence of order and pattern.

So when the "I" perception is only at the body and mind level, there is no morality, simply because it does not belong to that domain.

What drives the "I" towards Morality?.

Mind's quality is always of likes and dislikes. It likes happiness and not suffering. But when the "I" is sick of short-time happiness and long term suffering with the "Energy dealings", it tries to seek freedom from it by evolving following intelligence pattern.

The interesting fact is that continuous uni-directional bottle neck intelligence (morality) flow helps the "I" to relish the long term happiness in the Self-witnessing domain of Awareness. At this stage there is a choice to move from the fourth Awareness to fifth Consciousness state. This cannot happen until the individual "I"-ness goes away. Only way is to do Energy action involving happiness of everyone. In this process, "everything merges as the one "I"- Self or Moksha.

The freedom here is that, there is no compulsion for any "I" to take Morality domain. However the law is strict that, there will be cause and effect for immoral actions. If the individual gets a choice - short term happiness and long term suffering or better go for long term happiness and very little suffering.

Intelligence is the bottle neck of one directional flow - where one gets "out of the bottle" to the vastness of Self-Knowledge.

I hope I made it simple. If not we can go in detail.

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