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Does right and wrong, good and bad matter?
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SAL Energy, the battery Energy 11 years 10 months ago #520

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SAL Energy, the battery Energy to run all appliances in life

Energy can never be created nor destroyed but only transformed from one form to another. This is not just a scientific law , but also holds good in human life also. This means that when we spend our energy in our actions, it get transformed into other forms.

" We cannot create luck energy from nothing , it can only be transformed from other form of Energy. We have to lose one form of energy to gain another form of energy". This is Universal Law What we want to lose and gain is our free will or choice. That is the only free -will we really have.

Each human has a battery generating " SAL Energy " to be used for creating health, wealth, knowledge, career, relationships etc. Like our batteries the duration and the amount of Energy supplied depends on how much we spend it. The life of every human being differs from others due to the difference in the efficient balanced use and avoidance of wastage of Energy.

The key aspect to understand is that, we all have limited SAL energy for us to spend. If we over spend in one aspect, then we are creating a low energy level, like using a battery for running all the appliances in a house. The battery size determine how much energy it can supply. This is how each human being differs from each other based on their battery supplying SAL Energy.

The low energy we create is astrologically seen as "Bad time". The only logic is to generate Energy to create "Good time". All astrological remedies are meant for this Energy generation to keep life comfortable and happy.

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