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Does right and wrong, good and bad matter?
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Choice of Right and Wrong 10 years 2 weeks ago #9

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Choice of Right and Wrong

Whatever action one performs will be taken as right by one person and viewed as wrong by another person or a group. How do then decide what to do?. The answer is that if you are happy (not just the action but along ) with the result, then it is right for you and if it brings sorrow or unhappiness for you then it is wrong.

But an action that I consider right now , may be wrong consider by me as wrong. This is another level of confusion. how do I always do right.

Happiness: All the actions are for happinesss. Every body is working for happiness from the poorest to the richest, from professionals to artists, from child to an old person. So happiness is the end result. In addition everyone wants the happiness to last long. This is where choices or free will comes to the scene.

We all differ on the choices of actions, that give happiness for a limited or eternal time period. These levels cause conflicts within ourselves and others. If we understand at what level each one acts, then contradictions can be avoided.

There are five levels of actions which gives happiness that last for different time periods. This is the view of Uni5.

Uni5 view: We can find explanation through the uni5 methodology. There are five layers of views and each view gives the time the happiness will last. For example, any body level action (sensorial) will give happiness as long as we are in contact with the object. Usually the happiness last for few seconds to minutes.

At the mind level, the happinesss last for few hours or a day or two.

Happiness attained through the intellectual level few years or even a life time.

Happiness attained trhough Awarness level last many life times.

Happiness at Consciousness level is eternal.

Most human beings are aware of only three levels of happiness. The body level, mind level and intelligence level. We know intelligence level is higher than the mind level. Mind level is mostly at the personal likes and dislikes level and intelligence is mostly duty bound level or Dharmic actions.

What is the best way to do actions?

The answer is do Dharmic actions. Actions of Dharma are always correct at all times for everyone. How to know whether an action is Dharmic?. It should not tainted with one's likes and dislikes or oriented on the results. A neutral action with the awareness of everyone's welfare is Dharmic.

If one action Universally brings happiness to all at all times, then it is also Dharmic action. Dharmic actions are prompted from the Self-Awareness and not from the personal likes and dislikes of the person.

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