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what is Reborn?.
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What is the secret behind these prodigy children? 7 years 11 months ago #2059

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What is the secret behind prodigy children?

We always look through only one view and hence do not get the truth. So let us look at what the other views are and the real cause for children being smart..

1. Is it God's blessing? It cannot be. If it is, then that shows God is partial (biased) to some children and not to others. God likes some children and not others. Then God is not Love. God cannot randomly make some children intelligent and others dumb.

2. Is it Genetics? No. Genetics cannot be, because most of these children's parents are illiterate. Moreover these children had not undergone any training in the subject and also their parents have no knowledge of it. So it cannot be genetics.

3. Randomly became intelligent? This is the view of Modern science, which says everything is random. Like Big bang theory, Universe is a random event and so are these prodigy children.

This randomness theory of modern science is also not logic, it self contradicts very science fundamentals. However randomness is also correct from one level of view.

Example new research in cancer shows that cancer is not due to genetics, bad food and life style, but mere bad luck. see this link for scientific paper

However the correct view is given by Ancient Indian science or Shaasthras, which says that Luck is an Energy (Universsal Selftual pattern Book 2016).

What if my child is not lucky? Can we make a child more intelligent?. Yes through pattern based education offered in www.uni5schools.com .
Here children through Energy pattern learn and perform much better than other children.

Extra luck energy can be generated through [url=http://uni5.co/index.php/en/rituals-to-increase-sal-energy2.html[/url]. Energy based rituals. This is pure ancient science and not a pseudo-science.

But the question is, why are some children born with luck and not others?

This is the proof of SAL Energy . It is the previous birth memory of the child (and Energy budgetting) that is making him able to perform surgery at that young age while the other children have invested their SAL Energy in IQ, musical talent etc.

ALL that matters is SAL Energy and that comes through "Sacrifice".....and not by hard-work. Hard work is merely spending the accrued SAL-Energy from past life. Hard work is the intellectual view which crashes at the higher levels of views . The same holds true when one looks through the awareness, emotional and physical view, that will be crashed at the higher levels.

Like the five people viewing from the windows of four storey building ....the higher the person's window, the higher the view, but still it is limited...the fifth view is unconditional view, the terrace of the building, fully access view and not a window view.

It is only in the Fifth view i.e. Consciousness level, one sees the real Truth......for that one has to sacrifice Ego. This is also the path to attain Moksha, freedom from time-space-bound narrow perceptions. The Divine Perception.

No point to complain and stress in life, if one understands "Thyaga" or sacrifice. It is not foolish to do sacrifice, but it is the highest karma, that is rewarded by the Cosmic Energy or God.

Your current life activities determines the Energy that you can budget in next life.

Our life is a continuation of the passion we had when we die, "Along With Merits (SAL-Energy) to continue in the next life.

Example, a prodigy child now plays Piano or Tabla in 3 or 4 years of age without any training is because, in previous birth it died with that passion, and also had done sacrificial action for the community, which goes credited to his karma bank account. With that the child comes with that talent.

Krishna adds in Bhagavad Gita, the last thought when you die becomes the course of action for the next birth. So he gives this great message

1. Arjuna don't just consider the physical level view to perform actions, Instead understand there are other level of views that you should know and act accordingly to get the desired results.
2. You have to do Thyaga (Sacrifice) of one view to know the other views.
3. Only through Thyaga (Sacrifice), you get Punya (Energy as merit) through which you can have a prosperous material life which would again reduce your energy. Then you can again do some sacrificial actions and increase your energy and enjoy your pleasures and the cycle continues...(See God Consciousness and God's Energy-Sakthi ).

If you are sick and tired of this cycle, then use that Energy for liberation from Energy cycle...Moksha.

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What is the secret behind these prodigy children? 7 years 6 months ago #2081

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How to Nuture Geniousness in Children?

Despite SMPY's many insights, researchers still have an incomplete picture of giftedness and achievement. “We don't know why, even at the high end, some people will do well and others won't,” says Douglas Detterman, a psychologist who studies cognitive ability at Case Western Reserve University. “Intelligence won't account for all the differences between people; motivation, personality factors, how hard you work and other things are important.”

Another list of prodigy

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