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Feeling lethargy and tired. 9 years 3 days ago #1829

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I usually feel very lethargic despite taking good food.I don't have any medical illnesses nor on any medication.I would like to increase my energy and focus level. Can you suggest any supplement or any ayurvedic physician who can help me.

Very sad to see how our education system and media (Advertisements) have given a a distorted view of various issues, especially health. A car will not perfrom very well just by providing full tank fuel. There are many factors (components) in tis perfect functioning. Similarly for our body to be energetic and mind to be focussed, just food (fuel) alone is not enough. TV commericials and media is pushing the concept of nutrients is the factor for good health.

In one good research study one group of people were given nutrient rich food and another group more physical exercises. It turned out that the group which had nutrient foods were lethargic, while physically active group was very energetic.

If you want your body to be energetic, eat unrefined foods, do physical exercises like walking, panhca bhoota Yoga, surya namaskar, and also cleansing like water therapy and castor oil cleansing.

For mind to be focussed, do pranayama like breathing exercise, super brain yoga, positive thinking.....etc....(see selftual.com)

Unfortunately our current most ayurvedic doctors are also doing like western medicine giving more herbal supplements and decoctions to patients. This is because they have a commerical motive behind it.

We are non-profit, community-welfare-profit motivsted organization. Our job is to give the rigthawareness to people.

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Feeling lethargy and tired. 9 years 2 days ago #1830

Thank you for your reply.Mind focusing is a very vast topic. I have read few books on Pranayam and meditation. what is the right way to do pranayam and other mind focusing technique? Thank you again for your guidance.

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Feeling lethargy and tired. 9 years 1 day ago #1831

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Simple logic is that we tend to hold breath while we are stressed or while active thinking. Breathing deep and slowly is the best way of doing pranayama. It could also be done as an exercise like the nostril closing and opening method .

When we limit our thoughts to a certain task, it sharpens mind focus. This is the best way to make the mind focused. Meditation like Uni5-Meditation can help.

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