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Mixing Foods 10 years 2 months ago #1832

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1. Can we mix proteins and carbs. Generally in Indian foods we have rice with dal or roti with dal.

Vegetarian proteins and carbohydrates can be mixed and eaten and not animal proteins and plant carbohydrates.

2. Can we eat curd along with dal. We generally eat curd after dal. But according to Shri. Rajiv Dixitji's, who follows Sri Wagbhata principles says that any dwidal pulses which are splinted cannot be eaten with curd. Even Jains follow this.

Curd/yogurt is fermented animal protein and so are already digested to a certain extent. After eating Dal, curd can be eaten , but not as a mix of dal-curd.

3. Is it that We should eat locally grown foods, should avoid exotic, that is have regionally, native grown. So cabbage, cauliflower, beetroot, carrot, tamoto etc., were been adopted from western culture to India in past, generally there are winter veggies, can we eat them. If so is it fine in all seasons, or should be eaten only in winter or sometimes it's fine?

Native food best suited. However in moderate amounts other food is good, because of the variety of nutrients and taste we can enjoy.
4. What I feel before humans have found fire, humans used to eat raw food, that too veggies, fruits and tubers, may be God might have created only those for humans, once he found fire he started eating others though he might have eaten raw meat that's different, even grains, pulses, which were supposed to be for only birds. Is it true?

Before use of fire, were we fully human or in the process of evolution?. After cooking the gut bacteria has changed a lot. Recent scientific research proof that mos tof our digestion is done not by the human system , but by gut bacteria. Not only human, cows cannot digest cellulose, but cows harobor in gut a bacteria which does that work. Ayurveda gave importance to gut bacteria than improving human digestive enzymes. It is the gut bacteria that we have evolved that thrive well on cooked food for human beings.

That is the reason they won't digest for us, but they digests for birds.
Man being intelligent found ways to digest them, so soakings, sprouting, fermenting came into picture
. Yes you are right, modern human have gas problem, cancer, diabetes because we eat undigested food (unfermented).

5. Some say we sh old not eat raw food, some say we have to eat at least some portion of raw food, because digestive enzymes gets lost in heating
. We human cannot digest any raw rice, corn, wheat etc. We can digest raw fruits and some vegetables. Cooking denatures proteins and so helps our enzymes to digest well.

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Mixing Foods 10 years 2 months ago #1833

Great all of my doubts got cleared.
Lastly in connection with food I analyze after reading the post that germinated moong sprouts and curd can be mixed and taken. Because both have undergone processing.
Am I right.

But just soaked moong cannot be taken with curd.

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Mixing Foods 10 years 2 months ago #1836

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Thats right. A better word is pre-digestion instead of processing, because processing is used for refined foods (not-whole).

Germinated moong is a prasad in many temples, especially in Mahalakshmi Sannidhi during Navarathri times in Srirangam temple. Please click here .

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