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Non Stick cookware 8 years 7 months ago #1895

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1. I understand that non stick cookware is harmful. Can I use ceramic tawa for making dosas on stove?
Inflammation (chemical reaction resulting in cell and genetic damaging reactions) is the cause for diseases like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases etc. Stressful mind and unhealthy foods can aggravate inflammation in body. Cooking method and utensils also aggravate such reactions. Iron, aluminum and steel utensils (non-stick cookware) also increase such inflammatory reactions in food that will harm our body. This is because of the reactions between the metals and food constituents. A healthy reaction occurs with the five-metal kerala traditional utensils.
When people used more of ceramic, porcelin and earthern utensils, they had less of inflammations.

2. I often see on tv an advt about electronic roti maker that is chappathi maker. it seems easy to heat it up and make chapathis. what I want to know is, it has got a non stick coating on the surface of the roti maker. will it be harmful to use this electronic roti maker?

Traditionally they used stone blocks for chappathi which will not cause inflammation. Electric roti makers are metals and so do cause such effects.

3. Some people say olive oil can be used for cooking and can be heated. some people say olive oil should not be heated at all and should be used raw and as such. Olive oil unsaturated fatty acids cannot with stand high temperatures of frying. They turn into toxic molecules. For mild meditaranean type of sauting vegies, olive oil is good. For high heat Indian cooking sesame oil , mustard oil is good.

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