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Children and fever 7 years 7 months ago #2026

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4) I read an article that by creating artificial fever we can keep our body and cells in good health. Is it true? Every research proves that the natural phenomenon is good for the body. Fever is a alarm method created like a smoke alarm or burglar alarm that some infection is set in. This activates the immunity of the body.

It is an irony that why we need to artificially induce fever and get benefits out of it, when we can allow natural fever. When even a little temperature raises, we stop it giving anti-pyretics like paracetamol. What doctors meant was unsafe is when the temperature shoots more than 104, causes brain damage. The public is too scared and even for 99 degrees they get panic attack and stop the fever.

When children get fever, dont immediately give paracetamol.It is well proven that these damage the liver and spoil health of children. I dont mean that these medicines should not be given. It should be given when the temperature is above 102 (till 104 is fine). These mild fever we get is okay and is good to keep our immune system in good vigilance. This is very good to prevent even cancer and other diseases.

When children or adults get fever, keep wet cloth in their arm pits or giving a bathe or sponging in luke warm water is good. Allow them to sweat a lot. Again we put fan and AC and stop the sweating process. Sweat is a detoxification mechanism of body. Today we have all the information (educated) but lost the wisdom of knowing simple practical tips and suffer from health issues.

Reference for low grade fevers .

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