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Karadaiyan Nonbu in South India and Karva Chauth in North India 6 years 5 months ago #2075

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Karadaiyan Nonbu in South India and Karva Chauth in North India

Savithri Vratham for husband has been taken literally only without other levels of views in modern times. We will discuss the other views to get a complete picture.

Vratham is one of the ritual for generating "Prosperity Energy" which is the cash that can be spend as material prosperity or can be saved for liberation.

Savithri did "Kaalanai Adayaa Nonbu (not to reach kaala or Yama)" which later became known as Kaaradaiyaan Nonbu. A female does this vratha for her physical form of husband's longevity and a spiritual saadak does this for his Atma (Lord similar to a husband for a wife).

A wife seeks to keep away Yama (kaalan- functional energy of death) like a spiritual saadak keeps away from Mrithyu (death-life cycle).

Without Energy (only reality of material or measurable Maaya world), one can't enjoy prosperity in life. Without sacrifice (Yagnya), Energy cannot be converted from one form to another.

A mother sacrifices more than a father for a child at all five levels, if not there won't be a healthy child and a healthy family.

Karva Chauth symbolizes a married women to keep her mind (moon) of the fourth phase and watch it through a sieve. Sieve separates wanted and unwanted things and so a married women should separate wanted and unwanted thoughts, that is a threat for family life. Family life is important for every human being because only through it anyone especially women can express the highest human state of mind, the Maathru Bhaava (Motherly nature of love and compassion through sacrifice).

We will later write more details if some one wants it or read the below source.

Uni5 Source

Uni5 Selftual Pattern of Vedic Rituals

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