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Consultation- Astrology FAQ 10 years 2 months ago #1841

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I dont know my birth date exactly. Not a problem because Guruji does not rely on it too much. Immediately after birth a blood sample test on blood-sugar levels and cholesterol is taken and a report is given. Now how much importance does that report have when the person is 40 years old meeting a doctor?. Similarly, birth chart does not have much relevance, but the rasi prashna chart is more important when it comes to checking energy levels. He gives just once glance of the old chart just for a comparison, and if you dont have that is okay.

Is it OK if I ask about my relative who stays in a far of place, about the marriage and future. Any questions can be asked. Guruji gives more importance to fulfill our desires instead of prediction. Example, instead of asking whether a marriage will happen, he gives remedies to get it happen.

How the conversation will be
To draws an empty south indian astrology chart. He asks to touch one of the column and then notes the time and place of where the prashan is done. Then within 1 minutes he makes a chart (he chants powerful mantras to accelerate the computations). Then he gives a 10 seconds summary of the energy level of the individual or family. Then he gives the rest of the time for questions and giving remedies.

By seeing the birth details guruji will explain how our future will be ? or he will suggest the necessary things to do to prevent something? Les of prediction (it crystallizes our life events, instead goes for remedial measures).

If I don't have any questions in mind will he help me to improve my energy by some way

If you dotn have any questions, he will still say the time periods of your life when the energy will be low and high and gives remedies to increase it accordingly.

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Consultation- Astrology FAQ 10 years 2 months ago #1842

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Could i ask whether it's a right time to start/begin a process like buying a house/land/applying to college/job/marriage etc
? Yes he will suggest because, if the energy is low, then you have to strain a lot to make it happen. This strain we call as difficulties or obstacles. If we have good luck-energy levels then we say, we are lucky/good-time. In astrology this luck energy is defined by the planetary positions. In Uni5 principles, we call it as SAL energy or Self Awareness Energy.

What is the logic of this SAL Energy?

It is a simple logic of moving a stone uphill. If he have enough strength we feel the task easy. If we have less energy we find is it so difficult. The weight of the stone or the angle of the hill is not the issue, it is the amount of energy we possess. Similarly in life, all tasks are felt as easy or difficult based on the individual's inherent Energy (luck- SAL Energy).

When we face difficulties in life, out of ignorance we blame other people or individuals or situations we live in. It is like blaming the weight of the stone and hill. But the reality is that we have less SAL Energy to move the desires of stones. We still can feel easy in life if we have complete SAl Energy to move the stone of desires or choosing a less weight stone and less inclined hill according to our strength.

It is all our choice. Nobody is responsible for our difficulties in our life, except our own Self.

Guruji like people has a skill to calculate the energy levels and suggest boosting methods to help the desired action to be fulfilled.

For more info about life choices, we have made .....


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