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Rasi Method 8 years 6 months ago #512

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Time is an energy form, which was only brought into light by Einstein. But in Vedic Science, Time was understood as both as functional Energy (symbolized as Goddess Kaala Bhairavi) and as witnessing Awareness (God Kaala Bhairava). Time has like every energy form, both the male (Consciousness) and female (Energy Awareness) qualities.

Color or energy spectrum and time energy is connected.

Vedic Science established the fact that this whole universe is manifested in Energy form - "Sarvam Sakthi mayam" coupled along with Time Energy. This means Time and Energy are in Continuum. Therefore Vedic astrology used Time Energy which could be mathematically calculate-able. This is similar to modern scientists trying to find the time scale of Universe from the color Energy spectrum .

Therefore the birth time of an individual is used to calculate the Energy functionality of an individual. This Energy functionality which we call as SAL Energy is represented in the form of planets, because like planets, the SAL Energy keeps changing in a rhythmic pattern. This rhythmic pattern is represented as "Dashas" and the functional qualities they express is called as "Bhavas" or houses.

Like Vedic scientists, Einstein found speed of light has a connection with Time and so does to the mass of a particle and its velocity (Famous E=MC2). Vedic astrologers found the same connection of time, light and mass and velocity of particles and used the equation as Jyothism (Astrology).

Jyothish means light in Sanskrit. Professional astrologers use the Energy spectrum of light in 360 degree to calculate the Energy spectrum of an individual. Look at the science of geometry of angles and degree used in astrology.

360 degree divided by 12 (houses) is equal to 30 degrees.

The above is used for calculation of all the energy qualities of an individual throughout his 120 years of life span.

Guruji, takes this calculation like a super computer to 1 followed by 18 zeros. (1000000000000000000 or 1018 degrees. ). Guruji like a quantum Physicist divides the colors into elementary particle level of several layers of quantum dimensions.

This is how he calculates
1 degree is 10 colors or 10 functions

30 degree is equal to 300 colors

1 color is equal to 100 adisthana kaniga ( Kaniga means the elementary particle).

1 Ak = 100 Apana Kaniga

1AP = 100 Sookshma kaniga

1SK= 100 Adhi Sookshma kaniga

1 Ads= 100 sthoola kaniga

1 SOOk= 100 Adhi sthoola

1Ads= 100 thooli

1 thooli = 100 athi thooli

1 Athi thooli has 18 subdivisions and each sub divisions has 5 sub-sub divisions.

Guruji when does the Rasi Chart, he basically looks at our Energy spectrum amazingly precision of 1018 times. This was he see the current energy level of an individual, the past lives energy level and the energy level of future lives of the individual. Like modern cosmologists, can look at the Energy spectrum of a star and can predict its past Energy level its current energy level and the future fate of the star, Guruji sees the Energy spectrum of an individual.

Remedies: He sees the Human individual made of quantum particles each spinning with its own velocity and mass. He puts that in layman language as "Good time" and "bad time" based on the velocity and mass of the particles. If the acceleration of the particles is slow, then the functionality energy is less and so "Bad time". When the acceleration is of the correct speed, it is good time.

Guruji sees the Energy spectrum and gives remedies that will increase the acceleration (velocity) of the slowed particles.

Same remedies for most of them: In the first few times usually the remedies are common to increase the basic SAL level. In the next phases he gives additional and more supplemental remedies. All these rituals not only gives merits for this life time but also taken into consideration for future lives.

Guruji is able to decode the Energy spectrum into alphabets and that is how he is able to give amazingly details of places and people.

Read more in this link .

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