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Predictions - Dasa ruling period and Astrology 10 years 7 months ago #522

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Dasa ruling period and Astrology

There is a severe misunderstanding about fate and destiny in Astrology. Dasa or ruling period is given too much importance without considering the fact of changing SAL Energy in our life. For lay man, the DASA period refers to the changing times where we undergo ups and downs in life.

Most of the people rely only on the birth chart and go for an astrological reading expecting predictions. The predictions need not always be correct , because it is based on probabilities. This does not mean that Astrology is a superstition or an unreliable science. Astrology like modern science takes prediction and possibility or probability into consideration.

To make this easy to understand, imagine there is a bowl with three orange colored balls and 10 blue colored balls. The prediction is that, if you put your hand in the bowl and randomly pick balls,the probability of picking up a blue ball is very high than picking up and orange ball.

If the bowl is undisturbed (no addition or removal of balls), every time the prediction will remain unchanged However let us say, that everytime, the blue balls picked are not returned to the bowl, then overtime, the prediction of picking up blue ball goes less. Now a new possibility of picking up orange ball emerges.

SAL Energy (luck) in life is similar to a bowl having eight different colored balls in different ratios. Each color ball represent the Energy meant for Health, wealth, relationship, career, fame, etc (See SAL Energy article for details).

The ratio of balls colored is given as strength of the planets. The planets does not means literally planets, but spinning Energy bodies fueling one functionality aspect. Each human being has different ratios of colored balls at a particular time and based on that, we experiences ups and downs or changes in life.

This is how the astrology predictions work. At our birth time, our SAL Energy meant for different life functionalities is predicted. Like the possibility of picking up balls in the bowl, events in the life can be predicted. However the ratios of the colored balls to each other will keep changing over time if the balls are taken out of the bowl. This will affect the prediction.

The above analogy means that the DASA period predicted at the time of birth becomes less and less important over period of time. According to the birth chart DASA period, the prediction could be that at age of 35 the individual may have excellent career. This prediction may be true or wrong based on the activities of the individual till age of 35 , not altering the ratios.

In Summary, the useage of our Energy over time also changes the strength of the planets representing the attributes in life

Astrology is a Vedic Science to increase the possibility of an event to happen in our favor. Ultimately this science helps us to fulfill our desires and evolve to the highest state that we all have originally intended for.

The purpose of Astrological readings especially that of Guruji:

Guruji through his Rasi method can actually see the ratio of colored balls in an individual's bowl. He then ask what the individual desire (which color ball to be shown in life). Then he gives remedies which will alter the ratio of colored balls increasing the possibility of picking up the desired color in life like health, wealth, or relationship or career etc. So the astrological remedies like chantings, the oil lamp lighting, ancestor pooja, ganesha pooja, Shiva puran readings all change the ratio of balls in our bowl based on our desires.

What happens if the remedies are not done?. Well we can keep whining and blaming others for our sufferings in our life, without understanding the reality that we only are altering the colored balls in our life bowl.

We have the free will to change the probability of picking the color of ball we desire.

This free will exercise continues with the Energy-bowl, in a new bodies for many life times until, there are no more desires to pick fortunes in life. Knowing this intellectually is enlightenment and being in that state is Moksha.

Proof for next lives is also logic and now several research evidence show it is true.

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Re: Predictions - Dasa ruling period and Astrology 10 years 7 months ago #524

This article is very sharp and clear about the message

very nice


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